Example Character: Bob

Reading the theory can be confusing without examples. This is why we created a few example characters for players to examine and explore. You can use them to get a feel for how an average +sheet or background should look.

This page illustrates the following aspects of the CharGen Neonate Bob:

  • backgrounds
  • +sheet
  • +jnotes

Backgrounds Bob

Secret Background

  • Born 'Robert Matthew Myers' in 1960 in Seattle. Grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.
  • Football star in high school, but none too bright.
  • Got into drugs and started hanging out with a bad crowd. Graduated, got a job in a Boeing plant. Coming home from the plant one night, an impulsive Brujah neonate (Billy) embraced him in 1984. Billy left Seattle with Bob before any of the local vampires noticed the illegal embrace.
  • Slowly migrated down the West Coast. Bob took well to being a vampire, but his sire always grated on him. His sire was too unpredictable for m.
  • Sire brought him down to L.A. in 1989. Billy was banished in 1992 by Prince Julian for breaking the Masquerade in a public brawl which Bob set up.
  • Feeds mostly on people who are really doped up. Likes the feeling.
  • Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Mortal Background

Bob Matthews is often seen wandering the streets of Northridge, lost in a drug-induced haze. He frequents pawn shops and porn theatres, and is ultimately nothing more than another face in a seamy underbelly of the San Fernando Valley. He doesn't even have a job.

Vampire Background

Bob, a neonate Brujah, has made quite a name for himself as a bodyguard and protector. He lives in Prince Julian's domain, and can usually be found in Burbank. He's rumored to have a hair-trigger temper, and some people have said that he was embraced up in Seattle back in the 1980's.

Camarilla Background

Well, at least this one stays bought. His loyalties to the Traditions are unquestionable, so long as he's compensated for his efforts. I hear that Prince Julian, and that Toreador seneschal of his, sometimes use him as hired muscle to keep the anarchs in check.

Anarch Background

Bob's sire, Billy, is known by some to be a wild anarch who travels from city to city in Northern California, managing to leave cities just before the Prince has cause to seek his destruction. Rumor has it that he currently abides in Oakland. Bob is not like his sire. He is a slave to his elders.

Brujah Background

Bob is not one of the great pillars of our clan, but he does show promise. He hires himself out as muscle to Princes and Primogen of all blood, though that mercenary streak may be the result of his old neonate sire, Billy the Brujah, who Prince Julian cast out of the city about 1992. Bob seems to have avoided most of Billy's more impulsive traits. He's good in a fight, and all other things being equal, he'd probably help out a clan mate, which is more than I can say for some of the Brujah in this city.

Valley Background

Bob's sire, Billy, was something of a wild one. Some were beginning to talk about him being an anarch around the time of the Los Angeles Riots in 1992. Bob and Billy had a falling out about then. In the midst of it, Prince Julian banished Billy from the Domain. The exact reason is no commonly known, but Bob has supported his Prince ever since.

+Sheet Bob


+Jnotes Bob

Havens +jnote

Bob owns a small rundown house in the Northridge, the Valley (See Resources +jnote). He sleeps in a hidden windowless room, the entrance of which is obscured from view by a large heavy closet. Locks and deadbolts make sure doors remain closed when he wants them to be. In addition Bob installed an electronic security system with a security rating of 4.

Resources 2 +jnote

Bob is comfortable. He owns a small rundown house in Northridge (See Havens +jnote) in the valley and self-built motorcycle. He makes between $50,000 and $80,000 per year in total. His income is generated by taking freelance jobs as a bodyguard, gatekeeper and occasional mercenary for clients in mortal and undead society, both. In addition he occasionally mugs the people he feeds from, taking watches, wallets or small pieces of jewelry that he sells in the local pawn shops.

Criminal Influence 1 +jnote

Bob is a well-known figure in the underbelly of San Fernando Valley. He's a spider in a smalltime network of petty thieves and dealers of drugs or stolen goods. His various contacts allow him to:

  • Get inside stories on what goes on in the Valley's underworld
  • Buy and sell stolen goods
  • Acquire small amounts of drugs
  • Acquire an unregistered simple pistol

Gang Influence 1 +jnote

Bob likes to hang with a group of 15-20 Hells Angels. He occasionally joins their nightly excursions; tours over the LA highways, purposefully instigated bar fights and other gatherings. Bob is by no means the leader figure, so he's not able to control the groups actions. However, his fellow bikers may follow his suggestions to engage in a particular event, provided it doesn't get them in too much trouble.

Street Influence 1 +jnote

Although Bob is too dead to enjoy such affairs his preference for doped victims makes him pick up a crack-hooker now and then. These encounters in dark alleys and greasy hotels are not safe enough to call them Herd, but his money, good looks and more importantly, his tendency to pay with drugs made him quite popular. As a result a number of prostitutes in San Fernando Valley are willing to do him small favors such as:

  • Providing him with information on what they happens on the street in San Fernando Valley
  • Provided Bob pays them well; encountering a specific male target for the purpose of seduction, distraction or blackmail
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