Example Character: Bernadette

Reading the theory can be confusing without examples. This is why we created a few example characters for players to examine and explore. You can use them to get a feel for how an average +sheet or background should look.

This file illustrates the various aspects of the CharGen Neonate Bernadette:

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Concept Bernadette

After going onto Wikipedia and looking through the year 1977, I came up with a bit of history that inspired me with something that I could fictionalize but keep routed in reality. Hay-on-Wye, I read, is in Wales, and is called 'the town of books'.

On 1 April 1977, bibliophile Richard George William Pitt Booth conceived a publicity stunt in which he declared Hay-on-Wye to be an independent kingdom with himself as its monarch. The tongue-in-cheek micronation of Hay-on-Wye has subsequently developed a healthy tourism industry based on literary interests for which some credit Booth.

That bit from Wikipedia was the first stepping stone for writing this character concept:

Let's say my Sire is Lord Baxter Booth, an eighteenth century Toreador from the UK. My character idea (Bernadette Muirinn O'Cahain) involves being an antiquarian specializing in rare books and manuscripts. She is an upstanding member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. She's studied Gaelic, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek and has touched upon illuminating reproduced manuscripts in her spare time to support her collection of books. Her ability to access well-known collections, and private collections throughout the UK and America is both a matter of her charm, bright intelligence and influence in antiquarian societies. Her personality is one who is driven to learn, and to unpuzzle old texts. She's not much of a teacher, finding herself impatient with those less educated than herself. Even with her impatience, she is dedicated to politeness and respectful behavior. In her human years, she would considered teaching at the University of Edinburgh or the Trinity College in Dublin, but now with her Beast, she does not have the luxury of being compassionate nor enjoys 'wasting' her time with fools.

Bernadette became a ghoul to Lord Booth for two years until he realized that he could not risk losing her to death or to an associate who started to eye her when delivering messages to and from neighboring cities. The character is embraced, and spends another ten years learning the in's and out's of the Camarilla under her Sire's wing. At the end of that time, she is released from being a childe, given a modest bank account, and is relocated to Chicago to obtain and hand-copy philosophical manuscripts that the Tremere have in their private Theological Society in Wheaton. It would also do the Toreador clan good to make positive advancements with clan Tremere. Back in the United Kingdom, the Ventrue and Tremere are vying for power, and this character's Sire (and other supporters) would desire to strengthen positive relations with the Tremere. If she does well in Chicago, her reputation can effect her Sire's.

Twenty years are spent in Chicago doing X, Y and Z. She is asked to follow a lead to Boston to purchase a curious text for her Sire's collection of rare religious tomes. After spending over ten years there, she ends up with an incomplete but well-crafted forgery of this text. She's told to travel to Los Angeles and try to track down the original which was last seen there. While she's at it, she can find other collections to copy or purchase for various other vampires who may have interest in such things.

Backgrounds Bernadette

Secret Background Bernadette

  • Born Bernadette Muirinn O'Cahain to a wealthy, notable family in Ireland who surrounded her with books, art and a nanny who watched over her when she wasn't caring for her three younger siblings.
  • When she was human, she was quite independent, and loathing of two of her three younger siblings which she rarely tolerated to be in the presence of. Her sense of adventure was contained to translating stories and historical manuscripts about far-away places and long-ago time periods. She did not take to many flights of fancy, remaining quite the refined lady of the house when her parents were not about.
  • She was in disbelief that such an unholy creature existed. Then, as her Sire spoke with her, she felt more pity and astonishment, especially under the influence of Presence. Lord Baxter Booth told her on a winter's night after visiting a Baroness who cordially accepted a gift that Bernadette spent two days endlessly working on. Please see BG1 for the ghouling.
  • Bernadette tends to find humans tasty treats, easily seduced and rarely challenging - just the way she likes them. They exist to serve her needs; to feed from, to fetch her manuscripts and open doors to stores as well as to personal collections. Please see BG2 for her claiming Bentridge Manor.
  • etc.

Race Backgrounds

Mortal Background

Bernadette O'Malley, PhD, is /never/ to be called 'Dot', 'Bernie' or any sort of nickname (at least, not within earshot). She arrived in Los Angeles with an extensive resume', and a personal collection named "The Illuminated Medieval Manuscript Collection of Walter Sullivan Hart". Royal Societies of Antiquaries hail her as a bright jewel, even at the young age of thirty (if you ask me, she looks younger but acts sophisticated for her age). 'They' say she's never been married, courted by scholars and has snubbed nobility in pursuit of her passion. It's scandalous, but rarely a bad word is formed about her in polite society. What her servants have said of her temper is a whole other story, but, who wishes to listen to servants?

vampire Background

Bernadette Muirinn O'Cahain, aka, Bernadette O'Malley of clan Toreador has been in the United States for thirty-three years between Chicago and Boston. She's a polite little neonate of excellent breeding and has been cast into a strange web of pursuit of her 'art'. Her illuminated manuscripts are supposed to be impressive, exact and accurate in translation. The girl's best to be left alone to her studies in a library, or the university, but I get the distinct feeling that she may be seen more than she was in Boston. Rumor had it - she had a collection of humans she fed from in her household, not wanting to stray too far or spend inefficient time hunting when there was work to be done. But, that is only rumor.

Sect Backgrounds

Camarilla Background

Bernadette, childe of Lord Baxter Booth of clan Toreador in the UK, is not known to have gotten into trouble. Her nose has been kept clean, though her activities with other clans has been more of a curiosity then questionable. She's been known to be competitive, hard-working, and does not involve herself in politics - that's not to say that she doesn't obey the Traditions. Bernadette does obey them, shows respect to her Elders, and may believe herself to be 'above' the American neonates who she has found 'crass' at times due to a lack of courtly behavior, and quite 'liberal' in their modern beliefs.

Anarch Background

Bernadette …who? Who the /fuck/ is Bernadette? What kinda /name/ is that? Bernie? OH, Bernie, that snobby, blue-blood-wanna-be bitch from uptown. She might not say anything to us, but it's -how- she doesn't say it. How she gives you that kinda -look- like she knows something, or is better than you. Maybe she drinks blood outta a bottle so her lips don't have to touch something so beneath her. Whatever, man. Don't know'r, don't talk to'r, and she's someone's pawn, no fuckin' doubt. Definitely not onea us.

Occult Background

Dusty tomes and manuscripts that date back to the 13th century are in her hands, or can be retrieved by her. They say special collections across the world are open to her, including religious illuminated texts that she can even knows how to translate. She has a membership to the Theosophical Society in Illinois, and a library card that has allowed her to pull various occult texts. I don't think she's into anything - not the self-proclaimed Wiccans, the Hermetic magicians, or even the Gnostics. The woman just doesn't carry that 'vibe' and I've never seen her at any sort of gathering. Weird.

Clan Backgrounds

Brujah Background

What kinda name's that? Never heard of her.

Gangrel Background

There's been a couple of things said about this Toreador between Massachusetts and Missouri - where she hired a somewhat older neonate Gangrel and his pair of ghouls, to take her across country by car to get to LA. What'd she offer him? Damn good question, that. Bernadette taught him about the Camarilla, and discussed a few urban legends with him.

Malkavian Background

Bernadette is off the radar. Nothing and no one to know about. She does have green eyes and a crooked smile. Crooked like a twig of a young birch tree.

Nosferatu Background

You know, the pristine little 'noble' Bernadette isn't all butterflies and bottles of fancy ink. No, no. Boston? Chicago? Ever wonder /why/ she was sent to the States if the whole world was at her disposal? Deals. This Toreador is making deals behind closed doors, finding texts, selling texts, and possibly forging texts. A friend of the childe of my Sire's brother said he was sent to get the Dameon Occult Omen whatever Collection from Brown University to hand over to someone who was giving it to her. What the fuck's a Toreabore doing with Warlock-sounding shit?

Toreador Background (Bernadette's clan)

Oh! Bernadette? She's the apple in her Sire's eye, blinding him from time to time which is why he sent her across the pond to America. Sure, the lass is well-educated, translating texts, reproducing valuable and rare manuscripts by hand to the 'T'. If she only knew how to mix inks herself, and prepare proper iron gall ink and craft her own paints like any illuminator worth his or her salt could centuries ago - but, the girl is not of the 14th century, or even the 15th. Nor is her Sire, in fact, and she searches still for a 'perfect' teacher to truly replicate these manuscripts. Her loyalty to the clan has never been under question, though she can be competitive as many of us are. There's no denying that she's had a fine upbringing and can be a strong, influential member one night if she plays her cards well.

Tremere Background

Ah, young Bernadette. Raised well. Polite enough. She's a very good illuminator, and copies antique texts with rarely a mistake. Our childer have run across her, now and again, and have had her translate unimportant texts. She is also an adequate courier, and able vampire who can find necessary writings for a relatively small fee. Don't be fooled, though, even with such knowledge and myth at her fingertips, she does not dig into occult matters nor asks questions.

Nephilim Background

Bernadette who?

Domain Backgrounds

Santa Monica Background

Bernadette waltzed into Santa Monica and went straight to the Seneschal without hesitation, handing him a letter of 'passage' from her Sire, and another one from Boston. She's already offered him a boon in order to have access to the Getty Villa which is on his lands. Everything she's doing is by the book, and seems to be well-planned. So far, no fuss has been made about her.

South Central Background

What're you askin' me for? Some white-girl Toreador with a snooty accent from ol' Baldy's lands? Sure don't think she'd be stomping around /here/ if she knew what was good for her. Not too many 'grand' museums and libraries for her to get her fingers into so, she's off my radar.

Downtown Background

Heard this Bernadette is wanting to get her fingers into the library downtown, and was making contact with Huntington. She's up to something 'scholarly', for herself or others. Haven't seen much of her, except for a time in the LACMA. Bo-ring without a whole lot to say.

Long Beach Background

No, I haven't heard much of her at all - hails from England, I believe. Perhaps Ireland.

South Orange County Background

After waltzing into Santa Monica, she had one of her servants send word of her arrival to Prince Ventriss, along with a token gift of some sort from her Sire as well as from herself. How involved she'll be in the artistic society is anyone's guess. So far, she hasn't bought tickets to the Opera.

+Sheet Bernadette


Languages Bernadette

Languages spoken by Bernadette:

Latin-4 Semi-Fluent
Hebrew-4 Semi-Fluent
Gaelic-3 Proficient
Greek-3 Proficient

+Jnotes Bernadette

Havens +jnote

Gallery 209 on the Third Street Promenade has a nice little flat above it with hardwood floors and brick walls. It's simple and elegant, and her main haven. Her second haven, that she could be found in once or twice a week, is off of Coldwater Canyon Road in Santa Monica. Bernadette uses the guest quarters at the estate being the ever-darling socialite that she is.
Physical security systems are limited to the security the flat provides. While it is an upper class flat, it provides only an intercom based entry system with a notification to the local police station. However, one of her ghouls, Ben Gaunt (see Retainers +jnote) makes it a habit never to be far when Bernadette sleeps.

Resources 2 +jnote

Bernadette is comfortable. She rents a nice flat on Third Street Promenade (see Havens +jnote) and owns a car. She makes between $50,000 and $80,000 per year by selling handcrafted and illuminated texts to museums and schools, as well as to private collectors who cannot afford the real thing.
Plus, when she moved away from the UK, she brought along a trunk with some first edition books (total worth between $25,000 - $40,000) from the early 1900's. In times of great need, Bernadette could sell some of these books for a tidy profit at an auction house. However, it would be very difficult to recover them and so they are a 'one use' source of income.
In addition her Sire gave her a going-away bank account ($20,000) to see her through the first few months in the United States.

Retainers 2 +jnote

Bernadette has three unstatted retainers. All of them are ghouls:

  1. Rose Sowards is a middle aged working class housekeeper, who takes care of Bernadette's personal affairs.
  2. Simon Walker is a linguistics student Bernadette picked up in England. He helps her copy, trace and sell rare books.
  3. Ben Gaunt is an old ghoul of Lord Baxter Booth, that her Sire send along to accompany Bernadette during her US adventure, warranting his Childe's safety.

Herd 1 +jnote

Bernadette has a herd of 3 mortals that she has access to. All three of them are avid high society book collectors that Bernadette regularly searches or copies rare books for. Bernadette may literally call them up in the middle of the night to present her latest catch. The feelings of the kiss are confused with anticipation and awe to finally lay their hands on a long coveted edition.

Mentor 2 +jnote

Bernadette has one mentor; Lord Booth, her Sire. He tasks her with errands to run, papers to acquire and duplicate as well as to make contact with certain people that will help the Toreador in England who wish to side with the Tremere instead of the Ventrue. He wishes for good relations all around, and happily uses his childe as a tool to further his goals. In return Benadette's Sire may occasionally provide Bernadette with a good reference, teachings in lores and powers, and financial support, should she be in need.

Society Influence 1 +jnote

New to Santa Monica, Bernadette has just recently started to make herself known amongst the antiquarian society that has a research library of history, literature and and culture. Her reputation is that of a resourceful and charming young lady from the United Kingdom.

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