South Central

"I'd seen too many shrines in South Central and thought it was worth asking where the first bullet came from that started all this violence."

Antoine Fuqua

Theme Introduction

Oh, they might call it South Los Angeles now, but it's it will always be South Central and will always, always, be known for a few core themes that bring shadow even to the mundane populace. In a true world of darkness these corruptions run ever on.

In this South Central, we choose to emphasize the core mortal themes of poverty, minority cultures and racism, gangs and violence. In the supernatural world there is an emphasis on a lack of viable food for the vampire population to feed on, the ever threatening crush of the Camarilla and the every day reality of anarchs as presented in +news sys/anarch. These aren't the Anarchs you've read about in the books- not the revolutionary leaders and soon-to-be heroes, revered in history books and pop culture; in the vast majority of cases they're the violent dead that won't conform and don't care. They are the Edward Hydes- not the Nelson Mandelas of the world. These are the themes the staff of South Central will look for and reward- these are the themes that we want to see in backgrounds and out in roleplay.

Mundane Themes


The vast majority of mortals in South Central are poor; why should the vampires be any different? As a general rule people are under educated and financially unable to live in the same extravagance that one can see in Hollywood or Santa Monica.

Minority cultures / racism:

While the demographics of each hood can be seen via +explain (hoodname), it's safe to say that South Central is by and large not caucasian. It has been the site of many racial conflicts, most of which are still within memory of your average living mortal. There has been wide-scale race rioting in 1965 and 1992 as well as proliferate cross burnings and bombings in the 1950's. If one wasn't there themselves, their mother or grandmother was and, as a result of this, it hits home in very real ways. Each of the nationalities that poured into South Central in the early 19th century brought its own language, style and culture. Most of these remain in place to this very day and there are big differences between them. These differences aren't as simple as caucasians vs. everyone else; it's never simple. There is substantial 'black on brown' violence in Los Angeles. Even within the minorities there is racism and not even within the classic demographic 'races' of Hispanic and Black do they agree and subset after subset of ethnicity has their own hatred fed to generation after generation.


While the 1980's saw the rise of gangs to monumental proportions, they have been a presence in South Central and other cities since the advent of urban centers. The reasoning and culture of each gang is different and they draw and spread to distinctly different types of people. Each has its own set of enemies, tentative alliances and codes that they live by. It's simply impossible to live in South Central and not, at least, know of the gangs' existence- they are that prolific. If one lives in South Central they at least know someone, perhaps casually, who is in a gang or someone who has been killed by gang violence- be it a drive by, a robbery or a beat-down gone too far. There are dozens of gangs in South Central and numerous clicks in each, but among them all are the big four: 18th Street, the Bloods, the Crips, and Florencia 13.

Supernatural Themes

Lack of Blood:

When it comes to prime feeding area, South Central got the shaft. Sure, it's overcrowded and one may think the sheer size of the population would make it easier to feed, but it doesn't work that way. The problem for vampires in South Central is the viability of their blood source- too many of their options are drug-ridden, unhealthy or worse - - gun toting gangsters. It's really easy to go out for a bite to eat and come back with a hole in your gut. As a result vampires in South Central are, like their mortal counterparts, hungry. Food is tough to find, tougher to catch and even tougher to eat once it's caught and, after all of that, one has to worry about blow back consequences if one isn't careful enough feeding: that overprotective brother or do-gooder citizen watch group trying to keep down the gang violence and, in the process, spies the 'hanky panky' in the alley. It's a vampires nightmare - a population of tough, fast, hyper vigilant humans with guns, half of whom have a chip on their shoulder the size of Exposition Park.


Life in South Central, even as a vampire, isn't easy. Sure, the probability that you'll be killed in a drive by shooting is less - - but the probability that some upstart Ancilla will cross the border and trap an 'anarch' to take back to their Prince to get their favor is much, much higher. In the recent past, Princes have publicly sanctioned such acts and offered rewards for their completion. If they do that publicly, who knows what they do in private. To try and maintain some semblance of safety, residents of South Central form coteries at a much higher rate - but make no mistake, they are typically allegiances made out of necessity. South Central is pinned between the giants of Downtown and Santa Monica; populated almost entirely by neonates and young Ancilla, while their surrounding domains boast vampires of much, much greater age and power.

It's a careful line one walks in South Central; a very careful line. While neonates can hold land in South Central, (one of the only places they can do so), there's a sort of 'stain' to having done so. As if you can never quite wash the anarch off of you. As if you'll never be entirely respectable. There aren't many older vampires in South Central, which begs the question 'why'? Do they grow tired of the struggle? Are they offered better accommodations for just a few changes? Or have they managed to anger someone and are quietly ashed in the night. Or not so quietly.


Familiarity with +news theme/anarch is a requirement for South Central characters.
There is no anarch sect on LA:aHD - there are only vampires who refuse to conform, do it badly or have pissed off vampires who are highly thought of.

It's important to know the difference between anarch and revolutionary; one is not necessarily the other. Anarchy is defined as a state of lawlessness and disorder - LA does not differentiate from reality here. The anarchs are riff-raff, vampires thrown out of the Camarilla society for their behavior and are usually quickly expunged by the Prince whose reach they believe they are out of - only to find themselves sorely mistaken.

It is a group that has no defining characteristics because it is a group that consists only of outcasts- the reasons they have been outcast differ so wildly that it is a group only in the negative; in the sense of what one is -not- and not what one -is-. It is not a force. It is not a movement. It is not the Camarilla; but instead is those the Camarilla will not accept and spans the gamut from murderous, violent, betraying thugs to neonates who have done nothing wrong but failed to follow proper protocol. Most anarchs are simply Camarilla in bad standing; most anarchs don't strive to be anarch, but strive and fail to conform to the Camarilla's wishes. In South Central, there are anarchs by the multitude. It is one of the very few places that they can exist without the Camarilla constantly hunting, scorning, starving or attempting to coerce them and the only place in the entirety of the world that they can hold land.

For those that simply want to be left alone, South Central is one of only two places on the western coast that they can do so without living in the sort of constant anxiety gnaws at one's soul. In South Central, one can hold land while being an established anarch. In so far as that is concerned, it is the only place to do so.

In that regard, it stands completely and utterly alone.

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