Character Updates

As the story of your character unfolds, it's important to keep your character documentation updated:

Update your Backgrounds

Update your various public backgrounds to reflect the (changing) situation; your characters position and history, noteworthy events it was a part of. You are also encouraged update your SECRET-backgrounds, but you're obligated to notify staff about any significant additions/changes you make.

Update your +jnotes

During the course of the game your character's scope of a background or influence may change due to new interests or an IC move. In addition, you may buy new or additional background or influence levels. When this happens your Background +jnotes may need updating. Unlike CharGen, you cannot update +jnotes via code. Instead you submit your new +jnote via +feedback. They will be reviewed and updated by the Architects.

When changing +jnotes for your backgrounds and influences, please take into consideration that all background and +jnote changes should be justified by IC-developments or actions.

  • Your Haven +jnote should be updated every time your character moves or changes their Haven’s security.
  • Requesting your Herd to move to another grid will take 1 RL week per Herd level.
  • Requesting a change in Maskings (for Obfuscate) will take 1 IC year per Mask you want to change.
  • Ghouling or bonding a new retainer or backdrop NPC to manage your influence, may require additional IT-checks.
  • Changing the scope of your influence may result in a temporary reduction of your influence-level, for the duration of the transferral. This will also be noted on your +sheet.

Changes to your +sheet

Normally it is not possible to change or swap around dots on your +sheet. When you choose a stat during chargen or via a XP expenditure, you're stuck with that choice. Exceptions to this are extremely rare, and generally limited to character up/downgrades (due to Feature-status), or fixing a stat that (in hindsight) severely hinders play or warps game-balance.

Staff is more flexible on swapping around dots within the influences and backgrounds-category. Sometimes a character changes to such a degree that the current set of backgrounds/influences on their +sheet does not match their character's situation any longer. In these rare cases Staff may allow a player to swap points between different backgrounds and influences in order to better reflect the situation that came to pass via roleplay. Such changes will always require Staff-approval however, and +feedback/requests for such exceptions will be handled on a case to case basis.

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