Buying Statistics

In this file we list what we're looking for in your IC justification for XP spends.
Please also refer to the guidelines on stat-limits and buying lores, powers and buying off disadvantages.


In principle a vampire's attributes are considered 'frozen' at embrace. However, long experience and extended effort may allow a vampire to improve their attributes in rare occasions. Staff will assess such requests on a case-to-case basis.


When you aim to increase an ability please take into consideration what each level represents and structure your justification accordingly. I.e.: Raising an ability from 2-3 tends to require years of severe focus, education, training and practice in a challenging environment. E.g.; You are unlikely to achieve a 3 or 4 level ability without practicing it as a profession in a professional environment.

As a rough guideline, please find -minimum- learning times for Talents, Skills and Knowledges below. Learning times can reasonably decrease when your character finds a sponsor with relevant Academics Influence or a (N)PC teacher with ‘instruction’ and the skill-level you’re aiming for:

Level VR Time
0-1 3 months
1-2 2 years
2-3 5 years
3-4 15 years
4-5 50 years

Combat Specialization

Given practice and/or training, the 1-3 levels of combat statistics may be obtained with broad application. Those achieving greater skill in the following stats must "specialize" in order to fully realize the capabilities of that talent or skill: Archery, Athletics, Brawl, Melee, or Firearms
A level-4 ability represents focused training for a mortal's lifetime, at the expense of broader skills. A level-5 ability represents several lifetimes of focused training (thus is exceedingly rare!)
The specialization will correspond to a weapon type (e.g., Shortsword, Rifle, Throwing Axe, Crossbow, etc.) For Brawl, the specialization would be in either Brawl (Boxing/Martial Arts/Street fighting) or Grapple (Judo/Wrestling). Gangrel can similarly specialize in the Claw or Animal attack as appropriate.

Backgrounds & Influences

When you wish to buy up Backgrounds and Influences please check what your next level encompasses first, then initiate the actions necessary to achieve it. For higher levels (3-4) we like to see some plot-development: Media messages about IC developments related to your attempts, involvement of other PC’s, journal entries elaborating on what you do, etc. In all cases please make sure your increase is more or less realistic or covered by IC-means.

Guidelines on expanding Influences

When buying up influences please think about how you will achieve and manage this expansion. A level 1 or 2 influence could represent pull over people in your direct environment; a clique of social butterflies, a shop you own, a club you manage, a gang of bikers you're a part of etc. But, going from level 2 and up, your influence grows from 'personal range' to covering entire grids, areas and domains. Wielding influence on that level may require some amount of control over officials, or a position in the upper level of an organization. The higher your character's influence level, the more work we expect you to put into it. In general, we will only allow a level 4 influence after your character displayed intense focus on expansion and management of the lower levels for an extended amount of time.

As your influence levels increase, please consider how you divide your time managing your backgrounds. You may choose to hold such a position of leadership yourself, as long as you keep things realistic on a level of time-management and capability. Positions of leadership can be very time-consuming and vampires cannot attend to business during the day. In addition you may require some stats to justify your character's ability to lead and/or competence in that area. Vampires that are close to mortals on a regular basis also have the Masquerade to consider.

Instead of wielding influence yourself, you may also use background NPC's or retainers (mentioned in your Retainers +jnote).
These background NPC's could be mortals that you have some amount of control over, be it via blackmail, bribery, bloodbonds, power-use, friendship etc.

You can determine XP Costs for buying a specified influence by typing the command: +xp/influence <influence>
The cost varies based on a number of parameters; including how many levels of that influence have already been purchased (in your district for levels 1-3, in Los Angeles as a whole for levels 4-5), and how many Beast Traits and Inhumanities you have. When an influence is very oversubscribed, you may not be able to buy it at all.

+xp/influence <influence> also indicates by which means you might be able to earn a reduction to XP costs for influences. Please note these reduction-opportunities are not cumulative.


When buying up your Willpower we are looking for long-term developments and practice rather than 'training'. Please keep in mind that a Willpower-level of 5 already is very high, if not the maximum most Neonates are likely to achieve.


Buying Rituals requires you to have either a teacher or access to documentation (such as a Chantry library).

Language Points

Although you buy language points (not languages), we expect you to think about how your character acquires the level you buy. For example; lower level levels can be learned via languages courses, higher levels suggest that your character was in environment where it needed to understand/speak/write the language on a daily basis.

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