Spending XP
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All XP-spends need to be handled and approved by the Architects. When handling XP-spends Staff will look at the following:

  1. IC Justification: If the requested stat is justified by your character’s IC actions
  2. XP Costs: If you have the XP required to buy the requested stat
  3. Stat Limits: If the requested stat fits within LA’s Theme and game-balance


+xp character/xp details the various commands by which you check, gain, award and do XP-requests.

Command Usage
+xp The command '+xp' will tell you how many unspent experience points you have, and how many votes you may cast for other players for good roleplaying if you have any. It may show you as having fractional parts of an experience point - you cannot spend these, but it shows how close you are to getting your next point.
+xp/disc me The command '+xp/disc me' tells you how many XP you may spend on disciplines and stay within our guidelines. It does not calculate exactly how many XP you have spent on disciplines, but how many XP your disciplines are 'worth'. This command is used as the basis for staff decisions about when you can spend XP on disciplines.
+xp/influence <influence> The command '+xp/influence <influence>' tells you how many XP it will cost you to buy the next level of the specified influence. The cost varies based on a number of parameters; including how many levels of that influence have already been purchased (in your domain for levels 1-3, in Los Angeles as a whole for levels 4-5), and how many Beast Traits and Inhumanities you have. When an influence is very oversubscribed, you may not be able to buy it at all.
+xp/request <stat>=<reason> To make an XP request, use '+xp/request <stat>=<reason>'.

To make an XP request, use '+xp/request <stat>=<reason>' which might look like:

+xp/request vampire lore=Refer to my Journal entries #3, #10, and #12 for details. <Feel free to copy-paste essential data from logs and journals.>
+xp/request drive=I forgot to buy any drive in chargen, and I've been taking lessons from my ghoul.

This will be translated as a +feedback to staff, and you should have some form of response within about 3 days.
To review the status of your +xp/requests, refer to +myjobs.

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