We identify two types of character retirement:

Idling Out

When you've not been around for longer than 3 RL months (without notification) Staff may unapprove your character. When you then don't respond to our email-warnings your character may be nuked (erased).

Active Retirement

Active retirement happens when your character dies or is otherwise taken out of play. You may also choose to retire your character thereby making room for a new vampire character. If you want to retire your character, please +feedback to Staff and tell us how you would like your character to leave the game.

Because we wish to limit the number of characters 'going out with a bang', Staff reserves the right to control the way in which the character leaves play so as to preserve Theme. This right will not always be exercised, and indeed it may prove a rare thing, depending on player maturity and the importance of the character to the setting.

A Feature Ancilla created to fulfil a specific purpose may be kept around as NPC for a while until a replacement or appropriate exit is found, whereas a Chargen Neonate is simply assumed to have left town, leaving opportunities for a future return. Staff will *always* inform a player when a character's retirement is being subjected to Thematic control.

Players that wish to pick up a retired character again, can check their options here.

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