Learning Lores

Lores come in 2 sorts: Home Lores and Non Home Lores:

The table below helps you determine what is a Home-Lore for you:

Home Lore/Age Mortal Childe Neonate Ancilla Elder
Vampire Lore 0 1 1-2 1-3 1-4
Your Sect Lore 0 1 1-2 1-3 1-4
Your Clan Lore 0 1 1-2 1-3 1-4

If your Sect Lore is Camarilla or Anarch Lore does not depend on your Status/Reputation, but on your +declare (+help social/declare). If you’re fence-sitting and did not use ‘declare’, both are Non Home Lores for you.

What is Home Lore on a level of Domain or District Lore is more flexible as it has to do with your time as a resident and the level of involvement in Domain-affairs. As a rough guideline:

Domain/District Lore Level Requirements
Level 1 New resident of the Domain
Level 2 Normal resident; 2+ IC years in the Domain
Level 3 Oldterm resident: 10+ IC years in the Domain Officer; 2+ IC years of involvement in Domain politics
Level 4 Seneschal, Prince or Standing 4 Office; 2+ years Old Officer; 10+ IC years of involvement in Domain politics
Level 5 Seneschal or Prince; Seneschal Prince or Standing 4 Officer; 10+ years of involvement in Domain politics

Learning Home Lores

Normally you can always buy up to your home-lore level. Your age or faction should provide more than enough justification. Exceptions to this could be made when your character is an outcast somehow (reflected by Status or Clan-Prestige). Vampires generally do not involve or teach outcasts that would compromise them and their secrets.

Learning Non-Home Lores

Learning Non-Home lores -always- requires a teacher. For all Non-Home Lores we ask you to find 1 teacher per Non Home Lore level.

E.g.: When you’re a Neonate and you want to buy Vampire Lore up to 3, you need to have 1 Teacher. When you’re a neonate and you want to buy Vampire Lore up to 4, you need to have 2 Teachers. Teachers are likely to want something in turn, such as services, status-support or boons.
If you think IC Teachers for a specific lore simply are not present, please +feedback to Staff to investigate the opportunities for a work-around.

The teachers pays 1/3th of the XP-costs, unless the teacher has ‘instruction'.

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