IC Justification

On one hand Staff does realize this is a game and people play to have fun, not to engage in paperwork. We do not wish to force our players to jump through a large number of hoops to spend the XP they already earned.

On the other hand Staff feels that XP-spends reflect character goals, and therefore hold a lot of potential for roleplay and interaction between characters. In addition we wish to prevail an amount of realism to the stat-levels our players buy. This is why XP-spends do require some amount of IC-justification, including your character's motivation, actions, efforts and the amount of time spent. In general we like players to buy stats that flow from their character's roleplay and downtime activities, rather than build effective +contest focused +sheets.

For the purpose of this justification it is wise to create a journal entry listing the XP spends you aim for in the future. Here you add what you’re aiming for, why, how and when. For particularly significant XP-spends (those approaching the stat limits) Staff may ask you to elaborate on the how and what of your stat increase in your journal, find a (N)PC teacher, build a bit of plot and roleplay around your spend, or send in logs illustrating related activities.

Guidelines for IC justification can be found in the following files:

You may also wish to check out our guidelines on stat-limits.

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