The journal is an OOC object to represent your character's IC thoughts and experiences. The journal in itself is OOC, but its contents is IC. Some players use their journal like diaries, a collection of essays, letters to their sire or a dead friend etc. Some have nice filing systems - organizing by clan or individual or agenda.

  • Make notes
  • Detail your character's backgrounds
  • Keep track of happenings or actions
  • Record your character's impressions, thoughts, speculations, experiences, and plans.
  • Write stories
  • Store IC letters
  • Paste parts of scenes
  • etc.

The purpose of a Journal is fourfold:

  1. to make players think about what it is the characters are experiencing
  2. to allow the characters to reference events through the veil of "at the moment" IC impressions
  3. to track character actions as a validation-method for XP request
  4. to allow Staff to view what's going on, so they may better provide information, RP hooks, etc. across the player base.

Using your Journal

Commands Usage
look journal Provides a description of your journal with basic commands
.help Lists the commands required to manage your journal
.skim Lists the entries of your journal
.read <#> Read the entry associated with that number
.remove <#> Remove the entry associated with that number
.write <topic>=<text> Add a new entry to your journal
.append <#>=<text> Add more text to that journal entry
.recycle Destroy the journal
.edit <#>=<bad text>/<new text> Replace <old text> with <new text> in entry <#>
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