Earning XP

The XP system is used to automate at least part of the process of awarding experience points. On Los Angeles: A House Divided experience points are awarded for three things:

  • Turning up and taking part in roleplay
  • Recommendations from other players
  • Awards from staff for achieving goals, initiating or running plots, keeping your journal updated etc.

The first two of these are taken care of by the XP system, the third is administered manually.

Experience points are allocated roughly once a week (when exactly depends on when you are logged on, and how active you've been). It'll happen at different times for different characters. They're awarded on a combination of how much time you've spent online and in character, and how many votes you received in the previous week. We don't intend to spell out exactly how this is calculated, but it's designed to be fair to everyone.

XP Reduction

In order to prevent characters growing beyond Thematic powerlevels, characters above 100 XP can only earn a maximum of 1 XP per week (instead of the default maximum of 2 XP per week).


+xp character/xp details the various commands by which you check, gain, award and do XP-requests.

Commands Usage
+xp The command '+xp' will tell you how many unspent experience points you have, and how many votes you may cast for other players for good roleplaying if you have any. It may show you as having fractional parts of an experience point - you cannot spend these, but it shows how close you are to getting your next point.
+xp/vote <player> The command '+xp/vote <player>' casts one of your votes for <player>. You should do this when someone impresses you with good roleplay during a scene, a post or because they drive interesting plot. You can't vote for the same person twice in the same week - and your votes will be worth more if you dont vote for the same people all the time. Unspent votes will carry over into the next week, up to a certain limit. You can't stockpile them _too_ high. This system may be automated, but it still works on trust: it saves the staff time they can use to spend on making role-play better in other ways. Please don't try and abuse it.
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