(In)Activity Policies

This MUSH is just a game and we are under no illusions that players will invest time here because they have a policy obligation. Accordingly, we strive to make LA:aHD a place where everyone will enjoy themselves as much as they make the effort to do so. Anyone can play a character, be it a vampire or mortal without the need to log in and roleplay on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, there are situations and positions (e.g. feature characters and characters with IC responsibilities) that require a basic amount of activity to keep the broader stories and dynamics of the MUSH on track, and to conform to their chosen roles. We therefore employ the following activity policies:

Idling Out

When you've not been around for longer than 3 RL months (without notification) Staff may unapproved your character. When you then don't respond to our email-warnings your character may be nuked (erased). Should this happen to you and you wish to play your character again, please check out your options here.

Feature Characters

Some Feature characters have activity requirements in their Feature +jnote. Features with activity requirements are obligated to announce periods of extended inactivity. When inactivity continues to the level that the Feature’s role is not fulfilled in accordance with its purpose, Architects issue a warning first, then reserve the right to disapprove the character and replace it with a new Feature. Should this happen to you and you wish to play your Feature character again, please check out your options here.

Responding to @mail

All players have just 1 Real Life week to respond to any @mail sent to them.
For non-feature characters, the only consequence for not responding to a @mail within one week is that the player or staffer who sent it is entitled to assume in game that the recipient's character is not around or else is purposely ignoring the @mail. This has its most serious implications if the non-feature character has territory or a title, for the character may risk losing the territory or title to more active characters.
For feature characters, generally the consequences for not responding are the same as for non-feature characters. However, if the feature's Architect sends a @mail to which a timely response is not provided, the Architect has the discretion to take control of the character for the greater good of the MUSH.

Urgent Situations

To some level players will need to accept that fellow players have a life with limits to their availability. When it is possible to work around a character's unavailability, you should.
However, sometimes situations occur during which the ability to play is dependant on the response of another player. Examples of such situations are:

  • Players are in a timestop until the scene is continued and/or arbitration is concluded
  • One player character puts another in a situation where roleplay is not possible or very limited (torpor, captivity etc.)
  • A plot absolutely requires the attendance of a specific character, lest other characters are stuck

We trust that in these situations players will (1) clearly communicate what kind of response is required from who, and (2) will do their very best to respond as soon as possible. If you find you cannot make yourself available for a scene, please aim to resolve the situation OOC-ly or ask other players or Staffers to jump in for you. Leaving your fellow players in a position where they cannot roleplay, then idle out for a week without notification or specification of intent is inconsiderate and Staff may jump in to force the situation forward.

Holding Positions

Most Camarilla positions (including landholders) require a basic amount of activity to keep the broader stories and dynamics of the MUSH on track. When you do not have the time to follow up on a reasonable amount of requests and responsibilities that come with a position, we advise that you delegate your tasks to assistants. If you lack time on a structural basis, we ask you to talk with Staff on finding IC opportunities to step down, that are in line with your character's power-level and motivations.

Participating in Plot

The same goes for participation in plot. If you can reasonably expect you have no time to deal with a specific plot, please do not manoeuvre yourself in a position where you are indispensable for its resolution.

Dodging Consequences

Finally there are those that like to cause mayhem, then go idle for months in an attempt to prevent getting caught. We encourage our players to find enjoyable consequences for each other, but dodging consequences does not fit our Theme. If such a character does not respond to the requests of others, the Architects may send a warning @mail. When a timely response is not provided, the Architects have the discretion to decide what happens to the character for the greater good of the MUSH.

Relationships of Dependency

We enforce no activity of Sires, Regnants, Domitors, Coterie Leaders etc. When they idle out, you and/or others need to deal with this IC. A Coterie Leader who disappears may be replaced. A Childe without a Sire may be adopted. A ghoul who's Domitor idles out for 3 months may assume their bond broke.


Of course, the above policies have room for broad exceptions.
If a player posts on a public Bulletin Board that they will be away for a short period of time, we will endeavour to respect the absence and other players should try to be accommodating. We also have vacation code to help in this regard. Nevertheless if a player, especially a feature character, anticipates an extended absence and/or wants to obtain certainty that their character obtains an exception to this policy, they should check in with the Architects in advance to negotiate what accommodations can be provided.

Vacation Command

To let folks know you are on vacation, please use the following code:

Command Usage
+vac <message> Where <message> is something like 'Back in August'
This will auto-clear when you next log in to the character.
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