Rolling Dice

+roll #dice/#sides
+roll/add #dice/#sides+adjustment
+roll/sub #dice/#sides-adjustment

In this context, +roll is used to roll a specified number of dice with a specified number of sides. Additions for advantages or disadvantages (adjustments) can be made and displays the result of each individual roll. When an adjustment is supplied, it will show the adjusted roll first and the original roll in parentheses.

Using this command broadcasts a verifiable echo to the room and to any staff logged in.


+roll 3d30
+VERIFY; Joe Player rolls 3d30.
Rolling: 11 4 2

+roll/add 3d30+1
+VERIFY; Jane Player rolls 3d30+1
Rolling: 20 24 5 (19 23 4).

+roll/sub 3d30-1
+VERIFY; J Player rolls 3d30-1
Rolling: 14 26 26 (15 27 27).

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