Proving Claims

Proving Stats

We want players to be able to trust each other, and for the most part there should be no need to prove what stats you have to another player. Other commands show your powers, rituals, combat totals and social standing. However, occasionally, you may wish to prove a particular stat to another player, and this command allows you to do so.
+prove uses the verifiable message system.

Command Usage
+prove <stat>=<level> to <who> To prove a numeric stat you specify which stat and a level, and the +prove command will verify to <who> that you have the stat to at least that level. You may 'undercall' your stats, it will only verify that you have the level you claimed. You can prove Generation as if it were a numeric stat, except that you must claim an equal or higher number.
+prove <stat>+<stat>=<level> to <who> Same as above, except it allows you to prove your totals instead of individual stat-levels.
+prove <list item> to <who> You can use this command to prove you have a specified list item such as beast-traits, inhumanities, stigmas and rituals
+prove <list item>=false to <who> You use this command to prove that you do not have the specified list item.
<who> is the list of people or things to send the message to. The list can contain 'here', which will send the message to everyone in the room. Messages can be sent to a remote player using *<name>.


+prove stamina=4 to here
«VERIFY» Calum has a stamina stat of at least 4.
+prove fire=false to camden sara
«VERIFY» Calum does not have fire (BEAST-TRAITS).
+prove purity of flesh to *calum
«VERIFY» Calum has purity of flesh (RITUALS).
+prove dex+brawl=6 to here
«VERIFY» Calum's Dexterity + Brawl total is at least 6.


Wondering what those messages which start with «VERIFY» are? They're messages from the code which arbitrates checking stats, etc. Basically, they're set up to be very hard to spoof.
If you want to make sure a message like that wasnt spoofed, just type '+verify'.

+verify Provides al list of recent verifiable messages

«VERIFY» Santiago has a strength of at least 4.
Recent Verifiable Messages:
1m ago - Santiago has a strength of least 4.


Judge-notes (+jnotes) augment backgrounds and features on +sheet in a manner consistent with our strategy for auto-judgeing, where players benefit from resolving scenes with minimal staff intervention. A +Jnote (Judge Note) is used to specify, record and communicate a character's special features and background where simple stats won't suffice. You may show your +jnotes to other players during negotiation in order to prove what your character has, can or must do, or what your character's limits are.
You can find more details on Jnotes here.

Proving Actions

In addition LAmush provides the option to create time-stamped notes to record the IC actions of your character which other characters might not yet be aware. Such a note should always be created when you anticipate any potential for IC conflict or OOC negotiation related to the actions of your character. E.g., if your character is gathering his or her retainers before entering a dangerous scene, then +notify should be used to memorialize these preparations. Likewise, +notify should be used to record the efforts of your character to follow other characters while obfuscated. If you are ever in doubt as to if you should use +notify, then you should err on the side of creating the note. Architects are advised when notes are set.

Command Usage
+notify <text> +notify <text> creates a verifiable note which records <text>. In addition, this note records the RL time, the IC time, and the location of your character when the note is created.
+notify/lis" +notify/list displays a list of all of the notes you have set on your character.
+notify/show <#>=<me|(name)|here|(list)> +notify/show <#>=<me|(name)|here|(list)> will show note <#> to you (me), to a single player (name), to your location (here), or to a list of players (list). The showing of the note is verifiable. See: +help ooc/verify.
+notify/lock <#> +notify/purge <#|all> deletes note <#> or else all notes which you have not locked.
+notify/purge <#|all> +notify/lock <#> toggles note <#> as either being locked from deletion or else unlocks it so it can be deleted.
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