+notify <text> +notify <text> creates a verifiable note which records <text>. In addition, this note records the RL time, the IC time, and the location of your character when the note is created. This note is intended to record the IC actions of your character which other characters might not yet be aware, and such a note should always be created when you anticipate any potential for IC conflict or OOC negotiation related to the actions of your character. E.g., if your character is gathering his or her retainers before entering a dangerous scene, then +notify should be used to memorialize these preparations. Likewise, +notify should be used to record the efforts of your character to follow other characters while obfuscated. If you are ever in doubt as to if you should use +notify, then you should err on the side of creating the note. Architects are advised when notes are set.
+notify/lis" +notify/list displays a list of all of the notes you have set on your character.
+notify/show <#>=<me|(name)|here|(list)> +notify/show <#>=<me|(name)|here|(list)> will show note <#> to you (me), to a single player (name), to your location (here), or to a list of players (list). The showing of the note is verifiable. See: +help ooc/verify.
+notify/lock <#> +notify/purge <#|all> deletes note <#> or else all notes which you have not locked.
+notify/purge <#|all> +notify/lock <#> toggles note <#> as either being locked from deletion or else unlocks it so it can be deleted.
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