Concept Hints
  • Make sure you a concept that answers everything required in the backgrounds and shows an understanding of the theme files.
  • Include goals, fears and quirks. These things make characters believable and fun.
  • Try and create 'hooks' with other PCs - you have used the newbie channel to look for other PCs willing to be enemies and allies.
  • Make sure to explain why your sire chose your character. These things rarely happen for no reason. Siring a childe is a time consuming effort that often requires a sire expend substantial influence just to be able to sire a childe.
  • Don't apply for clans, races or sects that are not part of our theme.
  • Don't apply for high ranking positions.
  • Avoid stereotypical concepts and obvious min/max tanks. LA:aHD is about the story, not the +sheet.
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