IC Phone

LAmush has an extensive coded phone-system with phone-objects that characters may use to IC-ly call each-other. Below you find a list of the various capabilities and commands needed to manage them:

Setting up your phone

To get set up to use the phone system, you need to first do the following:

Command Usage
+cell/phones lists the phone types that are available, along with the resources level required to buy them
+cell/setup <Registration Name>=<Phone Name> Your <Registration Name> is the name by which you will be known in the phone book. <Phone Name> is the name of the phone selected in +cell/phones.
+cell/use <phone> Once you have been issued a phone, you must /use the phone in order to get it to work properly.
+cell/drop <phone> To drop your phone, you have to use the /drop switch.

Currently, you may only have one phone checked out to you, and while puppets can use the phones, they cannot /setup a phone. If you need your puppet to have a phone (such as a retainer situation), then you must setup the phone and give the phone object to the puppet.

Be sure not to lose your phone, as then people can use it in your place (and thus have access to your messages, your phone book, etc).

NOTE: While your characters likely do not appreciate this fact, cell phones are not ICly a secure technology. In this context, Architects can (and sometimes do) monitor cell phone communications.

Basic Use

These are the most basic phone commands and allow you to communicate with another phone:

Command Usage
+cell/dial <phone#|book name> /dial will dial a <phone#> of a phone.
+cell/answer When being called, you can /answer.
+cell/refuse When being called, you can /refuse. If you /refuse, the caller will be directed to voice mail to leave a /message.
+cell/talk <message> When you are connected, you can then /talk to each other
+cell/quiet <message> , or you can speak quietly with /quiet.
+cell/hangup When you are finished, you should /hangup (which also acts as a reset for your phone - if you have problems, use +cell/hangup).
+cell/message <msg> Send a message to the receiver
+cell/imitate <language>=<msg> Using the /imitate switch, you can imitate an accent when you speak and send <msg> to the receiver. Note that you must be very fluent in the <language> in order to be able to imitate it.

Your Phonebook

The following commands control your phone book:

Command Usage
+cell/book . /book will display your book to you.
+cell/bookadd <name>=<phone#> /bookadd will add <phone#> with a <name>.
+cell/bookdel <phone#|name> /bookdel will delete either by <phone#> or <name>.
+phone/lookup <name> With the +phone/lookup command, you can look up <name> in the phone book.
+cell/id The /id command will list the last 5 callers to your phone, if you have caller ID.
+cell/last With /last, you can see what the last 5 outgoing calls were.

Voice & Text Messages

The following commands allow you to manage your messages:

Command Usage
+cell/messages /messages will allow you to display your voice mail messages
+cell/retrieve <#> . /retrieve will display voice mail <#>.
+cell/delete <#> /delete <#> will delete a voice mail.
+cell/mailmessage <msg> You can set what message is displayed to callers with /mailmessage.
+cell/text <phone#>=<msg> Using the /text switch, you can send a text message to <phone#>.

Phone Configuration

The following commands configure your phone:

Command Usage
+cell/on|off With /on or /off, you can turn your phone on or off.
+cell/ring|silent /ring and /silent will turn your ringer on and off.
+cell/color <color> With /color, you can change the phone's faceplate & case to another color or style.
+cell/status Using /status, you can check the status of your cell phone (and if your phone supports caller ID, you can see who is calling you).
+cell/block|unblock The /block features are not available on most phones, but this configuration option allows you to bock others from picking up your number with Caller ID (instead of showing as your phone number, it will show as UNKNOWN). If you set the attribute 'GIMP_STATUS' on yourself, /status will display a very small /status instead of the spammy version.
+cell/accent <accent> You can set what accent is broadcast when you speak over the phone with the /accent switch. This command can only be used once. You should set it to the <accent> you'd like displayed, such as 'British', 'German', 'Midwestern', 'Southern', etc.

Picture Feature

The following commands allow you to make and send pictures with your phone:

Command Usage
+cell/photodir Using the /photodir, you can get a list of photos available (you can only have up to 10).
+cell/photo <#> With /photo, you can look at photo <#> on your phone.
+cell/show <#>=<player> With /show, you can show photo <#> to <player>.
+cell/shoot <#>=<desc> Using the /shoot switch, you can shoot a new photograph. This will broadcast a verifiable message to the room.
+cell/clear <#> Using /clear, you can clear out a photo.
+cell/send <#>=<email> With /send, you can send a photograph to an <email> address (you must, however, have your own email address).
+cell/transfer <#>=<Phone#> Using /transfer, you can transfer photo <#> to another <Phone#> that has photo+internet access.

Tapping Phones

Some players have the ability to enact phone taps, based on whether or not they have the appropriate Police or Utility influence. Phone taps will broadcast to the player in real-time, thus if you are not connected and listening, you miss out on the call. Taps cannot be 'silenced' - if you have a tap, you must listen to the conversation, no matter how mundane.

Command Usage
+phone/tap <Phone#> This command enacts a tap. Note that it takes 24-72 hours for a phone tap to start or end, as the order processes through the phone company.
+phone/endtap <Phone#> This command ends a tap. Note that it takes 24-72 hours for a phone tap to start or end, as the order processes through the phone company.
+phone/tapinvestigate Those people who have the above influences (or City Secrets) can investigate phone taps.
+cell/protect If you have the Path of Technomancy, you might be able to /protect your phone from tapping. Protection only lasts as long as you hold your phone - once it is dropped it loses that protection.
+phone/icell <phone#> You can enact an immediate /icell phone tap with this power as well, which will expire at the next sunrise.

Network Strength

Command Usage
+phone/networkstrength <0-100> This command sets the network strength of a location which you control. For builders & staff only. 0 = No signal, 100 = Perfect clarity. Underground areas should have a 0 signal. Outdoors should have 100. Indoors should have something in between.


Command Usage
+911 <message> This will send a help call to emergency teams. Note that you will only be able to do this if you would be able to place a phone call as it simulates your character dialing '911' on a telephone. (yes, for you Brits it's like dialing '112') Indeed, even 'hoax' calls will be tracked and followed up on since all calls are also recorded.

If you do not receive a response from a staff member, helper, or Storyteller, please feel free to improvise in your scene. Only call for a timestop as an absolute last resort. Try to work out sensible response accordingly. While this world may not have the most secure and organized police, certain districts do indeed have very good response, and the police or emergency response should not be something to conveniently ignore.

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