The most common way to directly communicate with another player is via 'page'.

Commands Function
page <player>=<message> This command sends <message> to <player>. This only works when the player is logged in. (See +who)
page <player1>, <player2>, <player3>…=<message> Same as above, except this command sends <message> to <Players>. Player names or aliases are delimited by any combination of spaces or commas. A player's name may also be any unique prefix of players who are currently on the WHO list. Any duplicate players from your list are removed.
page=<message> This command sends the given message to the same <players> given on the previous page command. You should still use 'page <players>=<message>' when the message itself contains an equal sign.


page me=Test
Foo pages: Test
You paged Foo with 'Test'.

page me=:tests.
From afar, Foo tests.
Long distance to Foo: Foo tests.

page me=;'s character tests.
From afar, Foo's character tests.
Long distance to Foo: Foo's character tests.

You can also page many players at one time, where all the players you page will see the message.


p Foo, Bar, "Long John Silver"= Hi
You paged (Foo, Bar, Long John Silver) with 'Hi'.
To (Foo, Bar), Widget pages: Hi

You only need to type the player-list once, then the next time you page that player or set of players, you can abbreviate it with:

"p :waves." or,
"p I'm back."

This will work until you page another player or list of players.

Auto Notifications

If you page a player who is not on, you will receive a '<player> is not connected' notification. Alternatively players may choose to set an 'Away'-message

@away <object> = <message> Anyone who tries to page you when not connected receives this message.


@away me = Hey, I'm not even connected. So why are you paging me?

If you are connected by idle for some reason, you can set a message to notify anyone that pages you. It can be used to tell someone who pages you when you will return.:

@idle <object> = <message> Anyone who successfully pages you receives this automessage.

This attribute is sent as a message to anyone who successfully pages you.

@idle me = At dinner. Back about 7PM.


Also, you can selectively disable pages from certain players with the '@lock/page' command (players must pass the lock in order to page you).
If someone cannot page you, they will be sent a message including your Reject attribute if they try.

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