Communication Overview

LAmush provides a wide range of methods for players, Staffers and characters to communicate.

The most important ways to provide players with information are:
This Website: and its various sections, including the forum, player pages and compendium.
Bulletin Boards: Staff frequently posts notifications on new developments, policies, systems or plot.
+news and +help: +news and +help files are available online. +news covers files on theme, setting and policies, whereas +help covers systems and commands.

Communication with/from Staff is established via:
Email: The email address of Staff.
The Anomaly Jobs-system: Although you may page and @mail us the official and best way to communicate with Staff is via +feedback.

General MUSH systems we support are:
Page: Talking with others via personal messages.
Say: Talking with people in the same room.
Channel-talk: Group-talk via channels that you need to subscribe/be granted access to.
@mail: Every character-object has an online @mail account.
Bulletin Boards: IC and OOC message boards for various purposes and groups.

In addition we provide several means for characters to communicate IC-ly:
Say, mutter, shout and knock: To communication with character in the same room or the next.
Language system: Talking and understanding non-English languages.
Rumor System: Hear, start and spread gossip in various rumor-arenas.
IC Phones: Your character can get and use a cell-phone with several features.
IC Email: Your character can get a computer and email-address with several features.

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