Identifying Staff
+staff This command will display a list of online and on duty staff along with their title.
+stafflist This command will list all staff members and their title by simply typing '+stafflist'.
+stafflist/<text> As '+stafflist', but by adding some text following a '/' the system will give you only those staff members whose title has that text within it.


+stafflist/tech (lists anyone with 'tech' in their title)
+stafflist/arch (lists anyone with 'arch' in their title)

Current Stafflist

Please find the current stafflist below. This list may change with time.
The most recent list can be found by typing: +stafflist

Riots Advisor&Founder
Traffic Advisor&Founder
Imaginos Advisor&Founder&TechArchAsst.
Venice Architect <StaffCoordinator/Tremere>
ElSegundo Architect <Toreador/Caitiff>
Malibu Architect <Nosferatu/Ventrue>
MacArthur Architect <Malkavian/Gangrel>
PublicWorks Architect <Brujah/Anarch>&TechArch
FaultLines TechArch
Pretension Advisor
Athens Advisor
Brentwood Advisor
Compton Advisor
Sunset Advisor
Smog Advisor
B-Movie StoryTeller
Comedy StoryTeller
Grindhouse StoryTeller
Blaxploitation StoryTeller
Noir StoryTeller
Amelia Helper <Ventrue>
Will Helper <Tremere>
Samael Helper <Toreador>
Karasu Helper <Toreador>
Jack Helper <Nosferatu>
Apolo Helper <Malkavian/Camarilla>
Melciah Helper <Combat>
Kusala Helper <Caitiff>
Maxine Helper <Brujah/Anarch>
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