IC Commands
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say <message> Says <message> out loud to everyone in your current location (usually a room).
say/noeval <message> If you use say/noeval or nsay, the message is not evaluated.


say Where is the movie theater?
Player says, "Where is the movie theater?"


mutter <target>=<string> This command will whisper a message to <target>. A regular message, or part of a pose enclosed in "quotes", will have some of its words or groups of words replaced by "…". If you enclose a phrase with <angle brackets>, it will not be replaced.
mutter/tt <target>=<string> The mutter/tt command behaves like 'whisper', except that instead of the entire room hearing the mutter, only people at a place will do so. If you are at a place, those at your place will hear the mutter; if you are not, and the target is, those at that place will hear the mutter. If neither of you are at a place, an error message will be generated.
mutter/place <place number>=<string> This version of the command allows everyone at a place to hear the message in full, while the rest of the room hears the mutter.


mutter Finndo=Can you loan me thirty Pence? I'm broke!
Meg mutters to Finndo, "Can… loan… thirty… broke!"

mutter Bleys=:frowns. "What a <cheapskate> he is!" She shrugs.
Meg frowns. She mutters to Bleys, "What…cheapskate…" She shrugs.

mutter/place 1=:chuckles. "Thank you very much."
Meg chuckles. She mutters to the long, mahogany bar, "Thank you…"
mutter/tt Deirdre=Where did you hide those Trumps?
At the bar, Meg mutters to Deirdre, "Where… Trumps?"


+shout * Shout *message* in your area.
+shout <exit>=* Shout *message* through <exit>.

This will also accept poses and emits, but these should be used sparingly - the intent is really for actual shouts/screams, etc. Note the first form of the shout carries to all exits from your present location.

Modifiers: You can soundproof an exit by setting it TERSE. (Do both sides)


+knock * Knocks on door/exit *

Please restrict use of this command to actual doors (not street exits, etc).

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