Staff Email

When you wish to contact Staff via email, please use: ten.hsumal|shcra#ten.hsumal|shcra
Generally all player requests are handled via +jobs. However, email can be useful when:

  • You wish to share a log
  • You wish to send a long character background
  • Ýou cannot log-in for some reason

Email Messages

In rare but necessary cases Staff will use the email adress you submitted to contact you. This is generally restricted to:

  • Providing you with initial Login/Password for accessing your requested character object.
  • After 3 months of inactivity you may receive an idle-warning. You need to log in and type +spare me, to save your character object.
  • In case of an emergency; I.e. when you haven't been on, but your feedback is direly needed.
  • Important notifications.

Your Email Contact

The email address you provide is stored in a hidden attribute (only Wizards can see) and considered confidential. It is protected by our Privacy policy (+news policies/privacy). If you want other players to see your email address you must set it yourself in &EMAIL.

+showcontact This command shows you the contact email address you have set. You can only use this command on yourself, and there is no hidden staff version to view other peoples contact info.
+setcontact <email address> This command changes your contact email address to that specified. It will also change your password, and email the new password to both the old, and new contact addresses. You should use this command if your email address changes, so that the Wizards can contact you in an emergency.
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