Channels are an OOC method of group-communication. Each channel is devoted to a certain topic and you may join any that you see listed. The following are valid commands for this system:

Command Usage
+clist/terse Lists all channels you may join in a 3 column format.
+channel/list or +clist Lists all channels you may join.
+channel/join <name> or +cjoin <name> Join a channel
+channel/leave <name> or +cleave <name> Leave a channel
=<name> <text> Send a message to the channel.
+channel/who <name> or +cwho <name> List people currently listening.

When referring to a channel at any time, you need only to put in enough of the name to make it unique. If no other channel begins with that letter, for instance, you only have to put in the first letter of the channel.

Available Channels

The most important channels are:

Channel Code Access Purpose
Guest =gue <text> Guests, Helpers & Staff Help for Guests
Newbie =new <text» All Help for Newbies
Public =pu <text> All Public Communication

In addition, several Factions such as clans and coteries, have private channels. You must be a member of this Faction before you can +join the channel. Helpers, Storytellers and Architects also employ channels for private & system communication. They are not listed here.

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