Weapons and Armor

It's the dawn of the twentyfirst century and technology has brought terrible new weapons into the world. The military is equipped to kill efficiently as never before. Assault rifles are smaller, lighter, more powerful than they were just thirty years ago. Portable rockets, bombs, and grenades are all very real threats to the vampire as much as to the mortal. Although such weapons are occasionally found on the streets of Los Angeles, however, their appearance is rare. The elders and the police alike work to keep such armament off the street, in the hands of the army and other institutional sources of power where they can be controlled.

Guns are, by and large, illegal in the city of Los Angeles. Only movie stars and their bodyguards have permits to carry. Carrying a gun means accepting a risk, for even arrest itself can be a threat to the Masquerade. Carrying heavy weaponry such as grenades or full machine guns, although such things can be acquired with the proper influence, is sure to draw the wrath of both the mortal and undead authorities. Few people actually walk the streets of Los Angeles, however, and it is easy enough to hide something in your car, provided you don't get pulled over…


Weapons on LA are coded. All real weapons on the MUSH will come from the combat Architect object, Weapon. They will be owned by Weapon. If your character wants a weapon, +feedback/request and ask for one. If you do not have an approved weapon object, you do not have the weapon. This applies for statted retainers as well (though unstatted retainers might have generic 'weapons'.

Approved weapons can be wielded, which makes them show on your +combat sheet - which you can then show to another player to prove its totals.

Weapons will not be granted as mere props, and with few exceptions each player will only be granted (at most) a single weapon (for database purposes), so think carefully.

When +feedback/requesting, please list the following three things:

  • Describe precisely HOW you are obtaining this weapon (list influences, player contacts, etc.)
  • Indicate the type of weapon (short sword, pistol, crossbow, etc.)
  • Provide model of firearm or a full @desc of melee/etc. weapons

Weapon Commands

+weapon/check <weapon name> Shows you information about the weapon. You must be holding or next to the weapon to get this information.
+weapon/prove <weapon name or dbnum> to <player name> Shows the player information about the weapon. E.g., concealability, range, type.
+weapon/carry <weapon name> Notes a weapon in your inventory as being carried IC. This way people and staff will know what you have on you when they look at you, etc. If you use carry or uncarry outside of your auto-house location, it will flag this in a message locally and to staff.
+weapon/uncarry <weapon name> Notes a weapon in your inventory as no longer being carried ICly.
wield <weapon> Use this command to take a weapon from your inventory and brandish it, ready for combat. Adds the weapon's information to the table displayed by +combat. To wield a weapon you must (a) have it in your inventory and (b) have +weapon/carry'd it.
unwield Takes current weapon (you may only wield one weapon at a time), and puts it away, allowing another weapon to be wielded, or the weapon to be dropped. If you have Protean 2, you can wield and unwield 'claws', but you are expected to lower your bp on doing this.


Los Angeles MUSH has no special rules for armor. It can be worn, it can be posed, and in some cases is a handy item for helping preserve the Masquerade (people can wonder when you get shot six times and get back up), but it has no effect on combat. Our soak totals figure in the dodge ability, and any such protections will result in a subsequent decrease in maneuverability that will cancel out. If you are in such a situation that you cannot dodge, it is presumed your opponent can quite easily use that factor to injure you in a place your armor does not cover, or in a way the armor cannot prevent.

As an addendum, your character not having a dodge skill, or you sending us a website showing the newfangled head-to-toe Uberarmor(TM) which is completely impervious and restricts motion not one whit, is not a factor here. This is a thematic decision for game balance purposes, and the above explanation is just something provided for characters to be able to equate it to "realistic" terms. If you want a better soak total, buy more dodge skill, use +blood code to pump your Stamina, etc.

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