Multi-Person Combat

In general, actions involving multiple parties can be resolved by reducing the contest to being between two parties, and giving the stronger side Advantage. Multi-person combat is not always so simple though. A number of ways to resolve multi-person combat situations are presented here, the simplest first - and we prefer simplicity wherever possible.

Roleplay It!

The alternative of choice is roleplay, of course. Roleplay the combat, making each other aware of combat totals where it is important. If necessary, use tests to resolve individual actions, allowing Advantage where it seems appropriate. This method requires cooperative roleplaying, but it is the quickest and best for the story whenever possible.


If clear rules are necessary, here you go. Remember to read the basics of combat. Understand that the combat rules refer to engagement with one other person. They do not model a blow by blow exchange. In this context, when you are in combat with more than one person, you have three options:

  1. You can Evade against everyone who is attacking you. In this case, you give away Advantage on all the combat tests, but you can Evade against every attacker, no matter how many attack you. However, you may not attack anyone. This models diving for cover, turning and running, etc.
  2. You may attack someone. In this case, that attack is resolved normally. Any further attacks by other persons against you are resolved as if you were evading with CBT 0.
  3. You attack one person, and Evade against another, giving away Advantage on both CBTs. Any further attacks by other persons against you are resolved as if you were evading with CBT 0.

The important thing is that you are dividing your attention as much as your actions. No matter how fast you are, dividing your attention between two or more opponents makes your actions poorer.


Joe Brujah is attacked by Samuel Ventrue and his two ghoul thugs. Joe has a Brawl CBT of 5, and an Evade CBT of 4. He can:

  1. Evade against all three attackers, giving each of them Advantage. This is the 'duck and run' strategy.
  2. Engage Samuel with Brawl CBT of 5, and Evade the other two with CBT 0. This might work, if the ghouls are lousy in combat.
  3. Engage Samuel with Brawl, and give him Advantage. Then Joe can Evade giving Advantage to one ghoul, and Evade with CBT 0 against the other.
  4. If Joe has Celerity 2 and none of the others do, he can activate it and allocate 1 level to each ghoul, then proceed as b), or as c). Advantage will give him some chance of Evading, even with CBT 0. See Celerity card for more details if you have the discipline.
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