Health Levels

You have 7 Health levels marked on your character sheet. Each health level is associated with a penalty that is applied to all contests, including combat contests (but excluding frenzy checks). These health levels and penalties are as follows:

Health Penalty
Unhurt 0
Bruised 0
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -3
Crippled -4
Incapacitated N/A

Further wounds to vampires after they are incapacitated knock off blood points. Further wounds to a human mean the character is dying. Without immediate medical attention they will die. When a vampire has no blood points and no health levels left, it falls into Torpor.

Types of Damage

LAmush identifies two types of damage:

  1. Normal Wounds_: Most damage is normal damage.
  2. Aggravated Damage_: Aggravated damage is more severe than normal damage. It ltakes longer to heal. Aggravated damage on mortals may not heal at all, or leave nasty scars. As an indication, vampires generally heal 1 aggravated damage per sunrise, where it costs them 1 willpower point and 3 (instead of 1) bloodpoints to heal.
    The severity of aggravated damage lies in it's supernatural cause. Types of aggravated damage are: vampiric bites and claws. Vampires also suffer aggravated damage from sunlight or fire.

Wounds FAQ

Q: Is soak total affected by wound penalties?
A: All wound penalties are integrated into all applicable +combat scores. See our rules on basics-of-combat for details.

Q: Can I speak while Incapacitated? Can I Dominate someone? Can I heal using blood?
A: You can whisper quietly to someone bending over you if it suits the storyline for you to do so, although you certainly cannot yell for help. You cannot actively use a discipline or take any actions at all. However, vampires CAN heal using blood while incapacitated, if they have blood to use and non-aggravated wounds to heal. Remember, though, to check for hunger frenzy if you get too low on blood.

Q: Someone rips off my arm/leg/tongue/eye etc. What kind of damage should I inflict?
A: This depends on the size of the body-part. A hand, tongue or eye would be 1 damage. A leg or arm might count for 2. This is generally normal damage, unless the way in which the damage was inflicted was supernatural (f.e.: cut off with Wolf's Claws, burned off with fire).

Q: How much damage do I take for falling?
A: Please refer to our guidelines on falling.

Q: How much damage do I take for staking?
A: Depending on the size of the stake, 1-2 normal damage. However, you can only heal this damage when the stake is pulled out.

Keeping track of your wounds

In game, the +hurt command allows you to keep track of your wounds.

+hurt <who>=<levels>[A] This command can be used to inflict wounds on yourself (or others if you are an architect).
It will inflict <levels> of normal damage (aggravated damage if levels is followed by an A).
Everyone in the room is informed of the damage you took, you are informed of the effects and your new health level also.


+hurt me=2
+hurt me=3A

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