LAmush provides code to determine the damage from falling:

Command Use
+falling The +falling command gives you a brief rundown of your falling capabilities.
+fall <feet> The +fall command will tell you and all in your location (through our verify code) specifically what you will need to do should you fall such a distance.

However, this should be used as a guideline. Falling into water, down a cliffside, or onto a bed of spikes will obviously have different effects. The effects described in the +falling and +fall commands assume a clean fall onto a hard earth / asphalt / concrete surface.

Athletics is helpful when falling. It is used in place of "Dodge" when working out the soak score for falling. It is also possible through athletic prowess, to attempt a FEAT that alters the effects and contests in the fall. There are two kinds of feats available if you have an athletics score:

FEAT ROLLED implies you cushion your fall by taking a total penalty of two actions, and improving your soak of the damage (+3 to Challenger total). This must be attempted (+contest'ed) prior to making the soak +contest.

FEAT LAND may only be attempted if damage dealt in the fall (after fortitude or other modifiers) is 2 levels or fewer. The +contest is made after the soak and damage are dealt. This means, of course, that wound penalties will modify the contest. If a win or tie, this feat allows the falling character to land, not on their feet, but in a poised position - a crouch or similar, and only requires loss of the single action.

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