Healing Damage

Damage and healing are fully coded in game.
Systems on applying damage are available here.

There are a few things that it is important to know regarding damage:

1. Injured mortals heal slowly.

  • +sheet shows how long it will be until the next health level is regained.
  • +sheet also lists the effects of blood loss.
  • Blood loss kills a mortal; as little as 3 points of blood lost can be fatal.
    • This number can be significantly lower if a mortal hasn't fully recovered from injury or a prior feeding.

2. Vampires and ghouls can heal non-aggravated wounds with vitae.

  • This is coded into the +blood command, and usually occurs on a 1:1 basis.

3. Ghouls cannot heal aggravated wounds with vitae, these must heal over time per the normal mortal healing rules.

4. Vampires do not heal over time as mortals do.

  • Each day, as they sleep, their body attempts to restore itself to the condition it was in at its Embrace.
  • If a vampire is wounded when day falls, the following happens:
    1. If the vampire has any aggravated wounds, one level will be healed, and the vampire will lose 3 vitae. If the vampire does not have 3 vitae, they lose their remaining vitae, heal one aggravated wound level, and enter torpor.
    2. The vampire heals as many non-aggravated wound levels throughout the day as they can, expending one blood for each. If they do not have enough vitae, they will simply heal as many as possible.
    3. If the vampire is not in voluntary torpor., they lose 1 vitae. If the vampire does not have any vitae, they enter torpor.

The above steps are not optional. They happen whether the vampire desires it or not, and in the order presented. It should be apparent that vampires do not like entering sleep while wounded.

5. A vampire can heal its own feeding bite by licking the wound.

  • This is limited to healing 1 level of aggravated damage from a puncture bite caused only by the vampire's own fangs.
  • This approach cannot be used to heal the tearing bites sometimes used in combat, nor to heal the aggravated wounds caused by Protean claws.

6. A vampire can heal exactly one level of aggravated damage (per day) by drinking a point of vitae from another vampire of higher Sanguinis.

  • Higher Sanguinis blood can also bring a vampire out of torpor.
  • Note that these particular effects are not coded and will need staff assistance.

Healing Commands

The following command allows vampires and ghouls to heal normal wounds. Aggravated wounds heal over time with every coded sunrise.

Command Usage
+blood/heal <num> +blood/heal expends <num> blood points to heal <num> levels of normal damage.
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