Clan Ventrue

The Ventrue consider themselves the rulers of vampire society. Certainly they are the rulers of large parts of Los Angeles. They may be the most powerful clan in the Camarilla.

  • Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence
  • Advantages: Ventrue may create childer of 1 less Sanguinis for only half the normal cost, if they know how. This is reflected in Chargen with Ventrue having +1 Sanguinis to start. Ventrue also begin play with 1 free level of Resources.
  • Disadvantages: Ventrue have the Selective Feeder stigma.

Ventrue Theme

The Ventrue theme is closely tied to one of the general themes of the MUSH: control and futility. These vampires crave order and obedience, and the clan seeks to rule this city as they rule so many others. But this city is not like the others, and they find that it refuses to conform beneath their will. The times are changing as well, leaving the elders — especially the traditional Ventrue — behind. To what measures will they go to accomplish their goals, and what effect will this have? The answers are not always clear. Kings they may have been, and kings they yet might be, but of what and at what cost?

Ventrue in Los Angeles

During the rule of Prince Rodrigo, the Ventrue were left to their own devices. The clan quietly went about its business, amassing financial and commercial influence.

Under the Treaty of LA Ciegena the Ventrue likely were the most powerful Clan in Los Angeles claiming praxis of no less than 3 Princes; Acton Chardess in Santa Monica, Elaine Pruitt in Long Beach and Andrew McQueens in Torrance.
Although none of them could match the personal power of Prince Emerson, the combined force of these Ventrue, additional Elders and allies represented a considerable bloc of power in contrast to Prince Emerson of Downtown. Indeed - Many Santa Monicans called Prince Emerson 'The Enemy' for a reason.
Eventually the Eldest among the bluebloods initiate a long prepared power seizure. The Ventrue won the great bulk of the Los Angeles metropolitan, they were instrumental in San Diego's return under Camarilla wings… but they failed in the Heart of Los Angeles.

Acton's destruction and the Ancient's claim of the Heart of Los Angeles sets a new era, where Ventrue -inside- the City of Angels seem a Clan as any, under the auspices of the Grey Mansion Court.
With the heavy presence of continental Ventrue Elders in the Encirclement surrounding the Ancient's land, one might expect considerable pressure, where any Ventrue needs to choose between being a traitor to their Clan, or a spy of the Encirclement. With former Prince Elaine taking the lead, things seem not as black and white however, but if or how a truce was established, remains a question unanswered for now.

The Ventrue of Los Angeles wield less political influence than in most cities, but are in fact wealthier than most of their East Coast counterparts. Between these influences, the Ventrue have integrated themselves with commerce and finance in the city. Los Angeles is a major commercial hub, with as much manufacturing as some countries, and it has granted the Ventrue corresponding power.

Ventrue Characters in Los Angeles

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