Clan Tremere

The Tremere are descended from mortal mages. They practice blood magic. Their clan is rigidly structured, subject to strict hierarchy. PLEASE NOTE: Tremere are available by application only. See +news Applications/Getting a Character.

  • Clan Discipline: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy
  • Advantages: Tremere begin the game with access to Thaumaturgy. Because of their clan, they all begin the game with 1 point in the "Rituals" background.
  • Disadvantages: All Tremere are at least one step bonded to the head of their Chantry, and to the elders of Vienna. Tremere must abide by their clan structure and mandates or risk destruction. Tremere may never ignore status or clan prestige in social contests.

Tremere Theme

The Tremere theme is one of one-upsmanship, of rivalries and the race for position. They compete within their chantries, and they compete within the larger realm of vampire politics. They can never get high enough, and there will always be someone above them, dancing, just out of reach, and working to keep them down. How high do you reach, and how far can you fall? It is not just the hunger that drives vampires to do the things that they do. The Beast influences the vampire on all levels, driving them to dominate and control.

Tremere in Los Angeles

The Tremere presence in Los Angeles has grown since 1932, when the first chantry was established. That location has since moved to Orange county, but the last forty years has seen a remarkable rise in the Clan's presence, with another chantry being opened in Malibu in 1962. Others have been opened in 1995 in Hollywood - Downtown, and in Commerce - South Central in 2004, but were closed again at a later date.

The Tremere are behind a great deal of the mysticism and many of the freakish cults which spring up in the city. Los Angeles is a place where people will believe in anything, from crystals, to past lives, to space aliens; and the Tremere have taken, and will continue to take, advantage of it, finding disciples, acolytes, and pawns in those who seek a path to greater power.

In vampiric society, the Tremere of Los Angeles have taken a secondary role, acting as advisors and assistants to those in power. The obvious exception to this were former Prince Davidoff of North Orange County, Regent and Prince, and former Prince Pyotr Lobachevsky, who claimed Praxis in Torrance in Year-6, but left for Europe to assume a role of Ambassador for the newly accepted Nephilim in 2019.
There has been, historically, some degree of cooperation between the Tremere and the Ventrue, with the Malkavians and the Nosferatu standing somewhat in opposition to that alignment of interest. This is painting the picture with an extraordinarily broad brush, and it would be foolish to think that there was any sort of formal enmity or alliance.
The Tremere are the great exception to the general rule that clan matters less in Los Angeles than power and personality. They present a unified front, and act as one. Usually.

Tremere Characters in Los Angeles

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