Clan Nephilim

Nephilim is a name put to what is reputedly a new clan of vampires recently emerging from Los Angeles itself. The nature of their creation is unclear and many theories are still debated. Some brand them violation of and threat to the Traditions, while others are fascinated by their novelty.

  • Clan Disciplines: Not widely known, accounts are inconsistent.
  • Advantages: Nephilim have wings and can fly.
  • Disadvantages: Nephilim have wings - a potential Masquerade threat. Other information at this time remains scarce.

NOTE: This clan is not currently available in chargen or by application.

The Nephilim in Los Angeles

In 2006 a major quake hit Los Angeles. Many havens collapsed and vampires went missing, buried under the dirt. Not long after, rumors of winged vampires emerged. They turned out to be a new Clan; The Nephilim. The nature of their creation remains unclear and many theories are still debated. Some brand them violation of and threat to the Traditions, while others are fascinated by their novelty. Emerson (then Prince of Greater Downtown) and many other Malkavian Princes called for genocide on these abominations. Others, such as the Tremere and the Toreador offer them refuge. The conflict revolves in several violent outburst all around the world. The Toreador Justicar initiates a Conclave in Geneva where the Nephilim's status is researched and debated for years.

In August 2019 high representatives of the 7 Camarilla Clans attended the Geneva Conclave and voted in favor of the Nephilim's admission to the Camarilla. Main supporters were the Tremere, Toreador and Ventrue, whereas various Malkavian factions vigorously opposed. It came as no surprise when Prince Emerson called the Bloodhunt on all winged ones regardless. Still, this act of defiance triggered a decree signed by all but the Brujah Princes, that stripped Emerson of his position as Prince and banned him from Los Angeles. Around this time contradictory but persistent rumors emerged, about the destruction of one or more of the Nephilim's very Founders.. a reaction perhaps, to the clan's much disputed admission to the Camarilla.

The current Status of the Nephilim in Los Angeles will come as no surprise to those familiar with Emerson's stance; They are Bloodhunted. Any resident that finds a Nephilim tresspassing the Ancient's lands is expected to capture it and deliver to court, where it may be publicly executed or disappear forever.
Due to this harsh, seemingly biased treatment the Officers of the Heart of Los Angeles are not popular amongst the members of this new Clan. Indeed, some of them have made it a point to oppose the Domain of the Ancient by supporting the Encirclement. Although these winged ones wisely keep to the soil on the safe side of the border, their presence is a felt and disturbing one; More than one vampire has reported sightings of dark figures looming in the nightly sky.

Nephilim Characters in Los Angeles

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