Clan Malkavian

Malkavians, or "kooks," are mad. The Embrace strongly erodes their connection to humanity, making them insane when compared to humans. However, some speak that in their madness Malkavians have insight into vampirism that no other clan has.

Malkavian Theme

If the Gangrel struggle against the power of the Beast, the Malkavians struggle against its amoral depravity. Sliding into madness, the Malkavians represent the desensitization of even the conscious undead. They are the eccentric seers and wise men found in many games but they are also vampires that blur the distinction between the human in control and the Beast within. They are all the beast has to offer, but coupled with insanity and intelligence. They are the answer to the Riddle, writ into the soul. Their insight could be useful, but do you really want to see what they see? This is by far the darkest clan in the city, and players should keep in mind their Role-Playing preferences when considering whether to play one of these monsters.

Malkavians in Los Angeles

What history of Los Angeles could leave out Emerson and his childer? Emerson, eldest of all in the city, at one time Prince of the entire region. The Malkavian influence on the city is felt everywhere: the apparent contradictions of fame and success in Hollywood, the frustration of the traffic, the bizarre incongruities in the landscape and architecture.
Emerson and his clan have guided the city almost from the beginning, filling in and corrupting the psychic mortar of civilization.

As in many cities, there is substantial Malkavian influence in Health and Mental services. But in Los Angeles there is also an exceptional Malkavian influence in the courts, in politics, and in the financial world - particularly real estate. It is rumoured that Emerson owns some four percent of the commercial property in the city, but this is probably both just a rumor and vastly overstated. Law Enforcement also has heavy Malkavian influence, as do many local city and neighborhood councils. When your clan elder is the most powerful vampire in the city there are perks.

With the Encirclement the Malkavian's influence in Los Angeles largely withdrew from the surrounding areas, concentrating within the Heart of Los Angeles, though the Downtown core of the city is obviously the focus of the clan's power.

Malkavian Characters in Los Angeles

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