Clan Gangrel

Gangrel are the wanderers of the vampire world. Some claim to be descended from gypsies, and most have an affinity with beasts; both animals and the Beast within. They alone of vampire kind seem to find succor in the wilderness rather than urban civilization.

  • Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean
  • Advantages: All unstatted Gangrel ghouls are considered to have a 3 for all physical contest purposes. Gangrel ghouls with stats start with Fortitude in addition to Potence. (See ghouls and retainers)
  • Disadvantages: Beast Traits cost double XP for Gangrel to buy off. Gangrel ghouls have the Lunacy and Vulnerability to Silver stigmas.

Gangrel Theme

The Gangrel embody the raw struggle of a vampire's humanity against the Beast - the conflict itself rather than one side or another. Also involved with the clan's theme is the role of the city. As outlanders, they know what it is to be apart from the mortal world, to feel the call of the wild. The cities of mortals are at once a salve and an irritant. Should a vampire remove themselves to safety from temptation, seeking the solitude of the wild? Or should they plunge into the seething masses of humanity and attempt to rediscover what it means to be human? Venture not too far in either direction: it is a balance. The Gangrel more than any other clan represent the basic, uncomplicated struggle to maintain that wedge of consciousness holding back the primal rage within.

Gangrel in Los Angeles

The history of the Gangrel in Los Angeles is the history of a clan never large in numbers, never united in goals. The Gangrel are, true to their reputation, solitary. Their influence has come individually, through the application of personal power. Chief among the architects of Rodrigo's long rule was the mighty Ranchero, Diego Montera. Very few other Gangrel figure directly into the city's development, and none have had such an impact. Unfortunately for the clan, Diego fell with his Prince in 1965. Since that time, Gangrel have come to the city one at a time, keeping to themselves for the most part, coming to the political fore when matters concern them, keeping to the background when they do not. Every Gangrel is different, and in this way they represent the city itself - a patchwork of individuals each seeking their own destiny, whether it be riches, power, stardom, or simple survival. The Gangrel are, however, more prominent in the so-called "anarch" arenas of South Central than in most other areas. Because of their natures, the Gangrel have not had the hand in mortal society that so many other clans have. Theirs is a road of personal interaction rather than the wielding of power.

Gangrel Characters in Los Angeles

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