Clan Brujah

Brujah have the reputation of being the rebels and idealist of the vampire world. They are more physical than the other clans, and tend to have short tempers, especially when threatened.

Clan Theme

The Brujah in Los Angeles face a question of trust and conflicting ideals: who are one's allies, and who are one's secret enemies? What is the purpose that drives your eternal existence? It is not enough merely to maintain your humanity in the face of the Beast. What will you do with it? Who will you be? The division between the anarchs and the elders is most strongly felt within the members of this clan, as they struggle to decide who they are, and what they want.

Brujah in Los Angeles

The Brujah of Los Angeles were once the ruling clan, melding idealism, personality, and practicality into a system of Tradition and Order that resembled the L.A. "Hat Squad." It was a rule of favor and favoritism, guided by Rodrigo's immense personal charisma. But things change, and as the old Prince disappeared and Emerson rose in his place, the Brujah image of Los Angeles faded.
Under the Treaty of La Ciegena the Clan was divided between the anarchs and the Camarilla. The so-called 'anarchs' gained ground in South Central under several different Brujah Princes while the Clan's elders consorted with the Ventrue in Santa Monica and wielded a vicious praxis over the Valley.
In 2018, both Brujah Princes and many anarchs opposed Acton's attempts to control all of Los Angeles. When Emerson returned their support was acknowledged, which resulted in the anarch's special niche.

In the Domain of Los Angeles the power of the Brujah is primarily in criminal enterprises and the high technology sector, with vast influence among the street gangs and criminal groups of the city. It is no coincidence the clan's members were at the heart of the Watts Riots, the 1992 Rodney King Riots, and other periods of unrest.

Compared to other Clans the Brujah have a relatively loose organization, if any. An individual Brujah is just that, free to make his own alliances with whomever he or she chooses. Some Brujah do support the 'we take care of our own' mentality' but its potential to unite dramatically waters due to the many internal differences. Although it is not uncommon for a Brujah to pursue a philosopher's vision, their ideas and ambitions are, more often than not diametrically opposed. As an unfortunate result the clan's reputation tends to centre more around tearing down, than building lasting value. If they will they be able to overcome their differences? You decide.

Brujah Characters in Los Angeles

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