Tremere Applications

Tremere work differently than the other clans here on LAmush, this is because they are more complicated. They are not supported by chargen because they are a special application clan. Generally, one should pitch (see: +help ooc/feedback) a concept to staff before starting chargen. Once the concept has been agreed upon by staff Tremere applicants should do the following:

  1. Disciplines and Clan; start chargen as a toreador when picking disciplines use the following exchange: Auspex = Auspex, Celerity = Dominate, Presence = Thaumaturgy.
  2. Rituals; +explain rituals; all Tremere start with one point of the rituals background. Rituals are picked after chargen.
  3. Paths; in the past Tremere have gotten AppXP to put toward paths, staff have decided to go away from this and instead give Tremere dots to put toward paths. The following chart lists the number of dots a vampire has to put toward paths (if the tremere has AppXP they can of course buy more, but staff prefers they put their AppXP toward other things to round out the character). Also Path of Blood is inherent in all Tremere and raises with your Thaumaturgy (e.g. You spend xp on Thaumaturgy when you want to raise your path of blood). Lastly, all new tremere players should speak to staff about their path choices when they submit their concept, certain non-traditional paths shall be restricted if there is an under representation of the traditional paths.

The following is the number of dots each age gets in paths.

Childe 1
Neonate 2
Sr. Neonate 3
Ancilla 4
Sr. Ancilla 5
Elder 6
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