Transfer of Characters

Q: I have played another Character ElseMU* and I'd like to play that character here. I may require a Feature to make it fit age & stat-wise however. How do I go about?

Unfortunately, we must say NO.

Please do not transfer characters from other MUSHes to Los Angeles. This is partially because the rules we are using are rather different to most WoD MUSHes (particularly as regards other supernaturals) which would mean that the character's background would have to be so severely edited if there was any supernatural knowledge at all that it would be almost unrecognizable.

The main reason, however, is that we are trying to create a unique and non-generic atmosphere in our virtual Los Angeles. This is an ambition which relies on players as well as staff to make it work. You can help us a lot by thinking about character backgrounds and creating characters that meld specifically into Los Angeles, with its themes of control and humanity (See Theme), rather than some random, generic US WoD city ripped from the latest Clan Novel.

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