South Central Applications

Before you even consider applying for a character in the Domain of South Central, it is of the utmost importance that you read the +news. Specifically, you should review +news theme/anarchs and +news domains/south central. South Central is not a happy place by any stretch of the imagination, and the addition of vampires has made it even less so. The vampires who live in South Central are the malcontents of the city, people not welcome in other domains. These vampires are not all anarchs, but violence is much quicker in the streets of Paramount than in the galleries of West Hollywood.

But even in the face of these realities, it is not the purpose of South Central on this MUSH to be an "anarch war zone." Prince Cora rules this domain with a firm hand; anything less would invite chaos, and retribution from the other Princes. But South Central is a big place. A vampire who is willing to keep a low profile can have a lot more leeway to pursue his or her own ends here than in Santa Monica, and there is less chance of discovery than in Downtown. The most common clans in this Domain are the Nosferatu, the Brujah, and the Gangrel, but practically anyone can choose to live here without fear of reprisal. If there are any Caitiff in the city, they are likely located either here or in the Valley. South Central is the most crowded and fractious of domains.

It's important to note that while we certainly encourage a certain amount of "pure anarch" applications, South Central is /not/ an "anarch" domain. It is a Camarilla domain that contains both Camarilla and anarch vampires. The Anarch Free States do not exist, and Chance Marshall is the Prince under the Traditions and through the Treaty of La Cienega. That said, preference for applications will be given to well-thought-out applications that play upon the complexity of walking the anarch-Camarilla divide. Preference will also be given to applications submitted:

  1. As part of an applying coterie
  2. As a member of an existing coterie
  3. After working with staff to integrate the character into the existing social structures.

Please bear in mind that South Central has a large "minority" population - consider how your character fits into the mortal as well as the vampiric landscape. The mortal world is more important in South Central than in other domains. Also consider the effect of the area's violence on your character, and perhaps what he or she was doing during the 1992 riots, or the 1965 riots if the character was around then.

Neonates applications are currently available for all clans except Tremere. You need only enter Chargen and follow the instructions. For the availability of any Tremere or any older and more experienced vampire, please refer to the Casting Call BBS and communicate with your Clan Architect, then follow the procedures set forth in +news Applications/getting a character.

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