Your Sire

Your Sire is the vampire who embraced you (made you a vampire). When choosing a Sire you may go three different routes:

  1. Think of one yourself. This Sire is a background NPC that is not presently living in Los Angeles. You can elaborate on who your Sire is as necessary when you write your background.
  2. You can have been embraced by a PC or NPC in the game. You may negotiate such background links with other players and Staff respectively. In rare instances Staff may disapprove them, for example when the number of a characters allies becomes unbalancing to the game.
  3. Similarly, you may negotiate background links on shared background Sires or Grandsires.

When you wish to change your Sire's name during the CharGen process, you cannot do so yourself without starting over. However, Staff will be happy to save you the trouble and change it for you.

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