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Please refer to more information about sects here.

LAmush is focused on vampire, more specifically on the Theme of Damnation and Camarilla politics. Los Angeles is a Camarilla city, operating under the Camarilla laws and government that our news-files describe. As a result 'Camarilla' is the only Sect truly available for player characters.

An upstanding Camarilla member would be wise to choose Camarilla lore and declare Camarilla once you're in-game.

When you wish to learn more about the various Camarilla systems, we refer you to the section on Camarilla Society.

Going anarch

You do have the option of going anarch. However, it's important to understand that in the world of LAmush, anarchs are not a Sect. Anarchs are Camarilla, but Camarilla 'outcasts'. How they became outcasts is different for each anarch; an individual story. Perhaps the character tried to fit in, but somehow fell out of favor with the Camarilla establishment. Or perhaps the character employs its own set of ethics and chooses to rebel against the Camarilla and its Traditions.

If you wish to go the anarch-route you can buy anarch lore and declare anarch once you're in-game. Your Sect will display 'anarch' as long as you have Anarch Reputation (i.e. negative Camarilla Status). Important must-read files for anarch players are provided here

Sabbat do exist, but they are a bit different from White-Wolf canon Sabbat. All Sabbat Characters on LA are NPCs. We aren't accepting applications for Sabbat or other non-Camarilla at all. Any applications for non-Camarilla that haven't been specifically invited by an Architect will be rejected without considering their merits.

'Sect' on your +sheet

As a result the 'Sect' entry on your +sheet is subject to how you're perceived by the collective of (N)PC's out there; who supports and opposes you with their status-votes. As long as your Status is positive your sect is 'Camarilla'. When your Status goes negative and into the realm of anarch reputation, your sect is 'anarch'.

You may '+declare anarch/Camarilla' to reflect your character's true inner sympathies with Camarilla officials or the outcasts. This is what is taken into consideration when determining what sect-lore is home or non-home for you.

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