Santa Monica Applications

Santa Monica is the center of Los Angeles' Ventrue Elite. The "West Side" (please read +news domains/Santa Monica) is the home of Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air. It is the trendiest part of the city, a sort of urban suburb where the Soccer Moms have Soccer Nannies and Soccer Housekeepers. Prince Acton rules this domain fairly traditionally, with a great deal of ceremony and formality, but always dressed up to be oh-so-casual. Santa Monica is probably the center of vampire politics in the city, and its chief Elysium, the Getty Center, is oftentimes more crowded than LACMA. The primary clans of this Domain are Brujah, Ventrue, and Tremere. Nosferatu should be few and far between. Also note that Santa Monica is, by design, supposed to have the fewest number of vampires of any of the active domains.

Characters intended for the Santa Monica Domain may be of any background, but preference will be given to characters who demonstrate either the trendiness of so many nouveau riche, or the elegance of old money. Both are present in the domain to great degree. Santa Monica isn't all wine, money, and elegance though. There are seedy areas down by the Airport, as well as parts of Palms and Venice. Prince Acton is picky about whom he allows into his domain, however, and your character should at least meet his minimum standards of decency and respect for the Camarilla Traditions (+news Undead/traditions).

Neonates of all clans are open. Simply jump into Chargen and follow its directions. This availability includes Tremere Neonates, however Tremere players must follow the application process as set forth in +news chargen/tremere apps.

For availability of other application-only characters, please review the Casting Call BBS and +feedback/request with your inquiry. (See '+help ooc/feedback.)

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