Sanguinis is a representation of the strength of a vampire's Blood.
For those who are familiar with White Wolf, Sanguinis is slightly similar to the Generations-stat, except there are no 'Generations from Caine' in this game. Sanguinis levels 1-6 are roughly equivalent to Generations 13-8, respectively.

On LAmush a vampire's Blood grows more powerful with age. As a result Sires almost always have higher Sanguinis than their Childer, and Elders almost always have higher Sanguinis than Neonates. However, the Childe of a great elder may possess remarkably strong blood. This depends on the kind of embrace that is performed.

Normal Embrace

A Childe that is created via a normal Embrace always starts at Sanguinis 1.

Please find a table with average Sanguinis levels per age below:

Senior Elder 300+ 3-4
Elder 200-300 3
Senior Ancilla 150-200 2-3
Ancilla 100-150 2
Senior Neonate 50-100 1-2
Neonate 5-50 1
Childe 0-5 1

Note: Due to their Clan Advantage Ventrue have Sanguinis +1.

True Embrace

Vampires have a way go give their Children a 'kick start'. They have the option to perform a 'True Embrace' that creates a Childe with blood nearly as strong as that of the Sire (-1 Sanguinis). However, this process requires lengthy preparation and weakens the Sire for years to come. The mortal must be special indeed for a vampire to invest so much.
In addition, a True Embrace only makes sense if the Childe will benefit from it. A Sanguinis 1-2 vampire embracing a mortal will get a Sanguinis 1 Childe, regardless of a True Embrace. As a result 'True Childer' are often the product of Elders, who spent a lot of time monitoring and grooming their potential.

Sanguinis Levels

Normal CharGen Neonates start with Sanguinis 1 in CharGen (Due to their Clan Advantage Ventrue Neonates start with 2), reflecting a normal embrace. Ancillae receive a base Sanguinis of 2 and Elders a base Sanguinis of 3.

Players have the option to buy an additional point of Sanguinis with Freebie Points if they are 'old seniors' in their age-category or if their background warrants a True Embrace from a Sire with high Sanguinis. In general Staff will limit Sanguinis for any Neonate to a maximum of 2.

It's not possible to buy up Sanguinis with XP. Sanguinis increase is slow, it does not happen within the IC timespan of our game. The only way to increase Sanguinis in-play is via diablerie.

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