Return of Old Characters

Q: I've played a character here before and would like to pick it up again. Is this possible?

In principle YES, but there are a few exceptions and procedures to follow.
When you've not been around for longer than 3 RL months (without notification) Staff may have unapproved your character. When you then don't respond to our email-warnings your character may be erased.

If and how you pick up your character depends on a few things:

1. What the situation of the character was when you quit playing it

For obvious reasons, characters that died or were lost to the Beast cannot return. When your character ended up torpored, buried, bloodhunted etc. or was taken out of play for OOC reasons, you will need to negotiate opportunities with Staff and/or the involved players.

2. If you played a Feature

We have very limited slots for Features, especially Ancilla-type. When you played an Ancilla and you left we may have filled this slot with another character and there is no room for your old one to return. In addition, the IC situation may have changed thus that the purpose of your Feature is no longer compatible with the Setting.
Subsequently - When you wish to pick up an old Feature, Staff will always need to re-evaluate the character. When Staff approves there may still be a need to adjust your +sheet or your Feature +jnote. When Staff cannot approve there may be possibilities for you to play a downtuned version of the character (i.e. loosing any Application XP and any stats about Neonate Stat-limits). If this is the case and how such could be justified IC-ly is handled on a case to case basis.

3. What the status of your character object is

When your character-object still exists but is unapproved, please contact Staff to talk about where your character has been, if and how it will enter play again.
If your character-object was deleted you will need to create it again. Staff records are limited, so please email any logs of your character sheet, character-backgrounds etc. to Staff. Then, move into CharGen and try to rebuild your character as good as you may. Your character will need to go through the approval process again and is subject to current rulings on CharGen.

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