Post Approval Process

**This page offers a list of general items to check out once you're approved:*

  • Look through the +bbread BBS groups and select the ones you would like to read (+bbjoin #) and monitor (+bbleave #). Note; you can +bbcatchup # to clear unread flags. (See: Bulletin Boards)
  • To get around the grid, see Maps and Driving & Taxis.
  • To locate RP places, see: +hangouts, Yellow Pages
  • There are rumors circulating! See: +help social/rumor
  • If you speak languages, see: +help char/lang
  • To see what you might know of another character, see: +news char/bg
  • To spend willpower to improve success: +help ic/willpower
  • How strong are you? Look at: +strength
  • Take the exit from the OOC Green Room into "Housing" to get an apartment.
  • From the Green Room, use +ooc and +ic to toggle in and out of the IC grid.
  • The best way to request things from staff is with +feedback (e.g., requesting a weapon) - +help ooc/feedback
  • For weapon requests, see: +news combat/weapons
  • Feel free to ask question on the =newbie channel or =public.
  • A journal should have been created for you in your inventory. Type look journal for more information. If you do not have one, please +feedback to Staff.

When you play a vampire the list continues below:

  • Your lores are now unlocked, reread entries visible to you in +news lore
  • You can now see your power cards. See: +help char/power (+power/list and +power me=<power>)
  • Vampires need to hunt. (+help ic/hunt). Cconsider seeking an IC location to legally hunt. See also: +news menu
  • To see who is in charge: +help social/offices
  • Commands relating to blood use: +help ooc/blood
  • Note Elysia typically have a BBS group only readable within a certain room.
  • Status amongst vampires is very important. (+help social/status)
    • As is "prestation" (+help social/boon)
    • As is Clan Prestige (+help social/prestige)
    • And as is declaring for Anarchs or Camarilla (+help social/declare)
  • Vampires sometimes frenzy (+news sys/frenzy, +help ic/frenzy)
  • Some powers are coded, these will appear in +help ic
    • E.g., +auspex1, +protean1, +obfuscate, +animalism4, +shift, etc.
    • These will only appear if you have the power.
  • Malkavians should +help ic/mmn
  • Re-check +clist to see what channels are now available! Also note +help social/faction
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