Character Generation Overview

Character Generation on LAmush is fully automated. All you need to do is:

A) Request a character object via +request <desired name>=<your email address>
B) Hop from The Green Room into CharGen and follow the steps. The steps are documented in more detail by the files in the '+news CharGen' area.

This is an overview of the basic Vampire Chargen process, laid out in a step-by-step summary.

1) Concept

Figure out who your character is. Write their Background. Select your nature and demeanor. Choose your character's age, Sire, Clan and resultant abilities. Note: Your character cannot have been Embraced before the age of 18.

2) Initial Assignments

Attributes get assigned 7/5/3. Abilities get assigned 13/9/5. You get 1 free dot in each of your home lores (vampire, domain, clan, sect). Your willpower starts at 3.

3) Disciplines

Every vampire starts with three clan disciplines. The character starts with three dots to distribute in these disciplines.

4) Sanguinis

Sanguinis starts at 1.

5) Backgrounds

Characters receive 5 points to distribute into Backgrounds.

6) Disadvantages

You must take one subhuman Beast Trait and one Subhuman Inhumanity Trait. (Malkavians take a Monstrous Inhumanity Trait). Older vampires also may have Stigma's.

7) Freebie Points

Each character starts with 15 Freebie Points. 3 additional points may be taken if the character takes an additional beast trait. 3 more additional points can be taken for taking an inhumanity trait. (Ergo, the maximum number of freebie points you can have is 21) Freebie points can be used to purchase statistics according to the following scale:

Chargen Points Table

Stat Freebie Points
Attributes 5
Abilities 2
Lores 1
Backgrounds 1
Sanguinis 6
Disciplines 7
Willpower 4
6 (or 8 if vampire) Language Points 1

9) Fleshing Out

10) Wrapping Up

  • When you're done, type: +approve
  • Work with your Architect to finetune your background, +sheet and +jnotes
  • When approved, move out of CharGen and onto the grid
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