Other Settings
Command Usage
@sex me=<male/female/neuter> Sets your gender to male, female or it, respectively
@lock me=me Prevents other people moving you around
@set me=opaque Hide your inventory for other players
@set me=enter_ok Allows people to give you items
@lock/uselock me=me Keeps people from using your commands
@lock/enterlock me= =#0 Keeps people from stealing your stuff
@desc me=<text> A description of what your character looks like
@adesc me=@pemit me=%N just looked at you! This command will tell you when another player looks at you
@set me=ansi Enables you to see colors
@set me=!<flag> To clear a flag(/setting)

Handy OOC and IC information can be communicated via the commands in +finger.

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