Nature & Demeanor

Your Nature describes your truly are; the deep core of your personality. Anyone who knows your Nature will find it much easier to provoke or manipulate you.

Your Demeanor is what you seem to be like, the face you present to other people. No-one is so simple as to present only one image, but your Demeanor represents how people /generally/ see you.

Nature and Demeanor can, but do not have to, be the same; indeed, they rarely are.

Please find a list of natures and demeanors below:

ARCHITECT: Your life is dedicated to creating things that last, have value beyond the immediate.

AUTIST: You are very secretive, hiding as much of yourself as possible from others.

AUTOCRAT: You desire to be in charge, not to accomplish anything, but for its own sake. You consider yourself the natural choice to command… just about everything.

AVANT-GARDE: You desire strongly to be first with everything; be it news, fashion, styles, …

BON VIVANT: You have no greater desires in life beyond having a good time.

BRAVO: You desire others fear and respect; others probably consider you a bully.

CAREGIVER: You need to have others depending on you, to have people to care for.

CHILD: You are still a child in spirit, and desire others to look after you.

COMPETITOR: You have a strong desire to win. You must be the best in everything you do.

CONFIDANT: You like listening to people, especially when they confide personal secrets to you.

CONFORMIST: You prefer following to leading, it's easy to go along with the rules.

CONNIVER: It's always easier to get someone else to do what you want done.

CRITIC: Nothing is perfect. You like finding the defects in things and people others have missed.

CURMUDGEON: You're cynical, pessimistic, and probably sarcastic.

DEVIANT: You're weird. Unlike others.

DIRECTOR: You like to be in charge. You're a natural leader. What separates the Director from the Autocrat is the motivation**: the Director wishes to do something with his power.

FANATIC: You must have a cause to follow, something to give meaning to your life.

GALLANT: You love to impress others, you need them to be impressed with you.

JESTER: The perpetual clown.. Always making jokes, to raise the spirits of others, or hide your own suffering.

JOBSWORTH: You are dedicated to routine, and try to avoid anything that will disrupt it.

JUDGE: You are a natural mediator, and seek after fair resolutions to disputes.

LONER: You prefer to be alone, and to solve problems by yourself.

MARTYR: You need to be noticed, and to sacrifice yourself for others.

MASOCHIST: You need to suffer, not for recognition but because it is what motivates and inspires you. The greater the pain, the more intense the experience.

OPTIMIST: You're always looking on the bright side, even in this World of Darkness.

PENITENT: You exist to atone for your sins. Your existence is a chance to make good what was bad.

PERFECTIONIST: You can’t abide imperfections, especially when those faults are in yourself. You seek perfection in everything you do.

POLTROON: You are a professional coward, preferring to avoid trouble whenever you can.

REBEL: You're very independent.. "What you rebelling against?""Whatcha got?"

SCIENTIST: Not to be confused with actual science, the Scientist is one who approaches his or her surroundings with a critical eye, always looking to make sense of the world around them.

SURVIVOR: What matters to you most is staying alive. You never give up, even when all seems hopeless - but you'd be prepared to abandon friends, principles, almost anything - if pushed hard enough.

SYCOPHANT: You don’t believe yourself to be strong or worthy; you must cling to others and earn their support to survive.

TRADITIONALIST: You like the old ways, the status quo. You resist changes.

VISIONARY: You are one of the rare few who sees beyond the mundane, and attempts to bring their dreams into reality.

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