Starting as a Mortal

Q: I don't know much about the setting, so I would like to start as a mortal and get embraced or ghouled via RP. Is this possible?

This IS possible, but…

This MUSH is vampire-focused and most of our plots and systems revolve around vampires. When you play a mortal you miss most of the stories and plots that LAmush is about. This is why we STRONGLY advise you create a vampire as your first character!!! You can then create and play several mortals next to your vampire character.

Then, when you aim for your mortal to be ghouled this tends to be easy enough. Ghouls are good resources and it's IC for many characters to increase their power-base.

However, when you aim for an IC embrace, we want to warn you - Not because we wish to discourage you, but because we've seen too many players fail, end up frustrated, then leave.
Although we do very much support and like embraces, our experience teaches they are very hard to get. This MUSH has seen a couple of them, but getting there tends to take long (between 6 months and 3 RL years of play) if it happens at all.
Although it can certainly be rewarding, few PC's have the time or IC/OOC willingness to take on a Childe. Costs for the Sire are high, since the Sire needs IC permission to embrace, is accountable for the mistakes of the Childe and often needs to pay with Willpower and/or Inhumanity Trait.
Hence, -when- a PC wishes to go this route he/she will typically look for long-term players or characters that they know they can rely on and get along with on an OOC level.

Hence, when looking for a Sire, your best bet is to make arrangements with other players once people know you. You may also try a 'Looking for a Sire' post on the Casting Call Bulletin Board.

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