Choosing your Languages

On LAmush the default language is English and every character is assumed to speak English fluently. Of course not all characters originate from English-speaking countries or environments. Those that aren't, or would like to speak more languages for other reasons may buy additional languages via the language system. This language system allows you to buy proficiency in languages ranging from a scale between 0 and 5.

This language system also entertains an option to speak or write messages in a non-English language. It allows you to +speak in a foreign language at your level, whereas only those that speak the same language on an equal+ level, understand what you say. More information on the language system and how to use it, can be found here.

When you wish to speak a language unhindered you would do well to buy up to Fluent. Please find an overview of language proficiency per level on the next page.

Language proficiency per level:

Level Language Proficiency
0 No proficiency at al
1 Can recognize the language and speak a few simple words; i.e. 2 words of 3 characters long
2 Can say simple sentences; i.e. 4 words, 5 characters long
3 Proficient; i.e. 6 words, 7 characters long
4 Semi-Fluent; i.e. 10 character long words, occasionally missing one
5 Fluent; i.e. anything you want to say

Language levels are bought by means of Language Points. Language Points are acquired as follows:

  1. The Linguistics ability: Every dot in Linguistics is worth 10 LP
  2. Freebies: Per Freebie-point you get 6 LP (mortals) or 8 LP (vampires)
  3. XP: In CharGen you receive 5 LP per XP. You get 3 LP per XP after CharGen

How many Language Points a single language level costs is determined by (1) how difficult the language is, (2) whether you speak a language in the same family to a higher level, and (3) whether you speak a related language to a higher level. You can find the exact costs for the next language-level by typing +language/show <language>.

As an indication, when you first start buying language-levels, you may need the following amount of Language Points:

Costs 1 Level Costs Fluency Languages
2 LP 10 LP Spanish
3 LP 15 LP French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese etc.
4 LP 20 LP Latin
5 LP 25 LP Ancient Greek

Doing the math, when you wish your character to speak a non-native modern language on a fluent level, you will need approximately 10-15 LP, which comes down to 1-2 levels of linguistics, 2-3 Freebies or a combination of those. Buying more languages in the same language-family becomes cheaper.

Note: Although you can, you need not buy English as it's assumed to be the standard. In case you accidentally bought English, please contact Staff to receive a refund of your language points.

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