Getting a Character

Getting a character object is easy!

If you wish to create your first character, simply log in on LAmush as a Guest and type the following:

+request <desired name>=<your email address>

Your name should consist of a single word. An email address must be provided and only one main character is allowed per player using the +request command. The email address you provide is stored in a hidden attribute (only select Wizards can see) and considered confidential. It is protected by our privacy policy. If you want other players to see your email address you must set it yourself in &EMAIL.

If you are an existing player who wishes to create an additional character, please type:

+request/alt <desired name>

After having typed this command you should receive an email that specifies your login and password.
You use this login and password to log in to LAmush again. When you do not receive an email please check your spam-folder. When that does not solve it, please contact Staff.

You can change your password into something more convenient via:

@password <old password>=<new password>

You can change your name any time, via:

@name me=<new name>

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