Feature Applications

In order to promote theme, setting and story, Staff occasionally is in need of characters that fulfill a specific purpose. Although these characters may be basic Neonates, they often deviate from CharGen standards, be it by age, clan, background, powers or otherwise. When this role requires a fair amount of activity while at the same time it allows for more freedom, Staff will aim to fill that slot by recruiting a Feature PC from the player base. (For more information of features, see Features)

In this, Staff may go about as follows:

  1. Post an Opening on BBS 6 to which all players that have been active for 3+ months may apply by using +feedback to submit a character concept.
  2. Approach a specific player with the request to play a second (Feature) PC.
  3. Ask a non-Feature PC that is already in play to take on a specific role. In this scenario the PC offers up some of their freedom by accepting a Feature +jnote and Staff guidance, in turn for a specific niche and its necessary tools: i.e. a CharGen neonate may be allowed to grow beyond normal CharGen Neonate limits. IC justification will be treated on a case to case basis.

A player does have the option to pitch a Feature request to Staff, even when there are no Openings. However, Staff will only condone player-initiated concepts when Staff identifies a need for the game at large.

In general, Features are not about expanding your PC's personal power or working around power/ability caps that are built into the system or getting an edge over other PCs in the game. They're there to enhance the game for everyone. The trade-off is simple. Yes, some features have more powers, more pull perhaps, but they're also expected to give something in return.

Features are created via automated CharGen, but require a bit of additional work such as a Feature +jnote and Application XP (if applicable). The Feature Application process is described below.

From Feature Application to Feature Approval

  1. The player submits a brief feature concept highlighting the character's main points. Staff reviews and responds to this concept. Typically, Architects will discuss any Feature application and base a 'yes' or 'no' on (1) the need for the Feature (2) the character concept and (3) if they think the player will be able to fulfill the Features' purpose (4) based on their experiences with the player.
  2. If the concept is approved, the player submits a full background that includes justification for any 'out of the ordinary' stats they may want to include later. Staff reviews and responds, making an attempt to offer RP hooks that will support theme and story.
  3. When the background is approved, the player submits a Feature +jnote . Staff reviews and responds. It's more then likely that staff will make significant alterations to any proposed Feature note. This is because staff have a wider over-all view of what is needed and since Feature PCs serve a purpose staff have a better idea of what will help theme and story. (Repeat until the feature note is approved)
  4. When the background is approved, the player submits a full +sheet, +jnotes and XP-spends (if applicable). Staff reviews and responds.
  5. Feature Character is approved!
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